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The Ultimate Guide on Giving Gifts to Your Boss

01 December 2019

Whether by choice or for a job-mandated event, there will come a time when you have to give your boss a gift. This can make you anxious as there’s a thin line between a gift that shows your thoughtfulness, and one that looks like an outright bribe.  

Fortunately, you’re at the right place and are just five minutes away from finding the perfect gift for your superiors. So, without further ado, here are the tips you should consider before shopping.

Play it safe by asking others to chip in for a group gift

Instead of giving a gift just from you, get your team or colleagues involved as well. In addition to taking the pressure off you, doing so will allow you to get something better without putting a dent on your tight budget.

For instance, for less than $25 per person, you can give your boss a top-of-the-line desk bike. This shows you care about your boss’ health as it allows them to add movement while at work. Your boss will also appreciate the quiet pedals, comfortable seating, and zero installation. Just remember to get everyone onboard first.

Gift according to your relationship with your boss and their temperament

There’s a lot of power dynamics at play in the simple act of gift giving. If you think your gift may receive a strange of unpleasant reaction, avoid it. This is especially true if you’re not getting a gift for anyone else at work.

Consider getting to know your boss better before shopping. Some people may not like receiving expensive gifts due to their sense of principle. Some may even be militantly against presents. So, take the time to better understand your superior’s preferences first.

Deliver your gift privately, without an audience

If you’re giving a gift alone, make sure to do so discreetly. Making a fuss about your gift or showing it off may get under your teammates’ skin. It can also put your boss in an awkward position, forcing them to refuse it altogether.

If you and your boss are close, consider passing on your present after work hours. If not, hand it over when and where there are fewer people around. You can also shop for something compact yet practical like a multi-function foot massager.

In addition to relieving tired feet, a foot massager can improve circulation within 5-30 minutes each day. Your boss can easily slip it under their desk for a few minutes of de-stressing during the day. And it’ll be your little secret.  

Let your gift reflect your sincerity, not your salary

Just because you earn $20,000 a month doesn’t mean you should get a $2,000 gift. This can add pressure on your boss to respond in kind, an act they may not be able to pull off. Besides, they’ll appreciate having a more expensive gift from a group rather than an individual.

Choose a gift that’s simple and relatively inexpensive. Especially avoid personal items such as perfume or accessories. One gift that can show your sincerity without stretching your budget is a high-quality standing desk converter.

The perfect choice for active workers, it easily accommodates your boss’s laptop, additional monitors, paperwork, and more. It’s also easy to adjust its height with a single handle, making it perfect if your boss ever complained of pain in their back, arm, or wrist.