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Three Tips to Prepare for Black Friday

18 November 2021

One of the most awaited sales this year is happening very soon.

Aside from Thanksgiving Dinner with the family on November 25, people are also on the lookout for Black Friday, a major sales event that happens every Friday after Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday this year, Black Friday will be the day right after it, November 26. Are your calendars already marked?

Most people think that they just need to be alert on the calendar date and have their wallets ready by then. If you’re just preparing the bare minimum, then of course that’s already enough. You just have to be loaded with your funds and start shopping anytime on November 26.

But this is simply not the case. If you are an experienced shopper, you should know how crazy Black Friday shoppers can get. Chances are they will be even more aggressive than you and they’ll come in massive numbers. This means that the supply is in high demand and you have to fight tooth and nail to get what you want. You don’t want to see a Sold Out card below the item that you have been wanting to buy or have none of your preferred sizes and color available anymore.

You really would miss out if you prepare poorly. Remember Black Friday only happens once a year so if you want to make the most out of the sales event, you should know better than planning and preparing even before the date is the way to go. Here are some quick tips so that you’ll be scoring the best deals on Black Friday.

Bookmark items you’ll buy before the date.

1. Bookmark items you’ll buy before the date.

Retailers announce their items on sale for Black Friday way beforehand, even as early as the first week of November, so make sure to check their sites from time to time. When the alerts arrive, you may already pre-save or let the items rest on your shopping cart so that they’ll be ready for checkout when Black Friday arrives. You may also bookmark the link of the item so that there won’t be any chances of losing it. This will also help you in budgeting your money during the weeks leading to the grand sale date.

One tip in choosing what you’ll buy on a sale is to go for products that you have always had your eyes on but don’t want to splurge on. Black Friday means getting the same item—the great quality, good design, and function—at a price point, you’re willing to pay. These include furniture, gadgets, kitchenware, accessories, and more.

On the other hand, sales like Black Friday are an opportunity to stock up on items that you use regularly such as skincare and beauty products.

Schedule your time of purchase or checkout.

2. Schedule your time of purchase or checkout.

The demand is high every Black Friday so you must be ahead of everyone else to get what you want. Alarm your phone at exactly 12 midnight so that you’d be the first one to checkout. For brick-and-mortar stores, camp outside the store the night before so that you’d be among the first ones to enter when it opens the next day. Needless to say, it’s a circus out there so schedule the time you’ll buy in order to get the most out of Black Friday.

Have a backup shopping list in case your original plan does not push through.

3. Have a backup shopping list in case your original plan does not push through.

Just in case an emergency happens and you weren’t able to buy on time when the stock was still available, have a backup shopping list. In this way, you’d still be able to get the items that you want on a budget deal but just a different brand. If you really want a specific brand, then probably you could ask a friend of yours, a fellow shopping buddy, or a relative to save you from this shopping dilemma.

FlexiSpot Black Friday Deals

FlexiSpot Black Friday Deals

Now that you’re ready for Black Friday, here are the deals that you can score from FlexiSpot. From November 15 to November 25, you may enjoy a 50% discount on purchases above US$500 when you use the code PRE50.

Then below are the items on sale:

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

FlexiSpot has a varied catalog of height adjustable standing desks that are designed to increase work efficiency by providing the ease of smoothly transitioning from sitting to standing, improving posture by getting ideal height to minimize back and neck pain, and helping anyone to work with more focus and attention.

FlexiSpot’s standing desks are spacious, have a loading capacity ranging from 150 to 270 pounds, have a sturdy steel frame, boost a whisper-quiet motor system that doesn’t produce sound more than 50 decibels, and are also eco-friendly for using bamboo wood desktops. They also come with a control panel—some with a basic up and down keypad while the others are more advanced with additional memory presets to save preferred settings. The standing desks also have caster wheels for easy movement. Below are the standing desks on discount this Pre-Black Friday:

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)
Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 48" W
Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo Texture Top - 48" W
Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk
Kana Bamboo Standing Desk
Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Motorized Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation EM6M

Standing Desk Converters

Improve your posture even more with a standing desk converter. It can easily upgrade your workstation by providing more desk space for you to move around and elevating your laptop or desktop even further to reduce eye, neck, and back strain. The EM6M of FlexiSpot has everything one needs in a desk such as a charging port, charging pad, pre-drilled monitor mounting holes, storage boxes, extended panel pad, and a touchscreen control panel.

Motorized Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation EM6M

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

Prolonged standing can cause pain in the legs and feet so when buying a standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat is recommended. FlexiSpot’s anti-fatigue mat has massage points that will help soothe and reduce pain in the soles and legs.

Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

Ergonomic Office Chair

FlexiSpot has ergonomic chairs that provide style, function, and comfort. The OC8N/OC8B, in particular, has a thick contoured pillowed headrest and backrest for whole day comfort. It is made of soft and breathable PU leather that extends to steel-framed, padded armrests. It can support 330 pounds and easily move with nylon caster wheels.

Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01

Fitness Equipment

FlexiSpot provides fitness equipment that could be used while working on a standing desk. A folding treadmill is just one of the examples to put under your desk in order to get you moving while working.

Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01
No Installation Folding Treadmill 02
Small Portable Treadmil 03

Enjoy these pre-Black Friday offers!