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Top Employee Gifts Employers Can Use to Boost Morale

26 October 2021

Morale is everything in the working space. It is what could be the difference between the success and failure of an enterprise. Many employers worldwide have become surprised by the difference that comes with boosting the confidence and morale of those who work under them. 

As the people are resuming working from the office, there’s some justified pressure on bosses to make things conducive for their employees and boost their morale to start a new chapter after the pandemic. This can come in the form of gifts and incentives, and the most notable ones that we feel can leave the most impact include the following.

Proper Workstation

Proper Workstation

A healthy worker is good for productivity and vice versa. Creating a conducive environment for your employees is the best incentive they can receive right now as they make the transition from home to the office. This doesn’t have to be something grand, simple things like getting them an ergonomic chair that protects their backs from pain, a standing desk, or a standing desk converter that increases some flexibility in the office.

If you chose to go down this route, then consider getting them a set of Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk that comes with amazing features like an adjustable height that can be switched from sitting to standing using automated buttons in a matter of seconds. You can also combine this with an ergonomic chair like the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair that comes with lumbar support, height adjustability, and a breathable mesh for extra support.

Recreational Facilities

Workplaces are changing for the better. They have come a long way from the old days where they were simply designed for working and nothing else. People would spend all day behind their desks with very little breaks or places for taking a break. But that has changed now, and the best gift you can give your employees is creating a recreational space where they can lounge while taking breaks and talk with each other.

Setting aside space that can be used for relaxing away from the workstations helps the mind to relax, and that is good for productivity. This could be equipped with comfortable chairs, drinking water, a fridge with drinks, and even a screen where they can catch up with the day’s events before resuming work once the break is over.

Increase their Salary

Increase their Salary

This has never failed to work. Money makes the world go round and increasing the salary even a little bit will do wonders for the morale of the employees. A salary increment means the purchasing power of the said employees, and this further increases their comfort in life, and it pushes them to work much harder for you.

Working from home may have looked comfortable for many people, but the pandemic has had a toll on many businesses, leading to a good number of people being laid off. Those that succeeded the cut had to contend with slashed salaries. Therefore, going back to the office right now and finding a salary bump is the one thing that will boost the morale of the employees, increasing the chances of your job bouncing back faster than your competitors.

Vacation Days

At some point, everybody gets to take a break from work, even the employers. You can boost the morale of those that work for you by giving them days off to go and relax or even travel anywhere they want without having to worry about anything. The same applies to sick days and moments when an employee simply needs to take a break due to burnout.

The freedom to ask for these breaks without fear of being replaced makes employees go that extra mile for their bosses. A well-rested employee or money that gets the time to take some vacation days will always come back stronger and ready to do more and perform better. It is the small things that matter.

Introduce Exercising

Introduce Exercising

As we have mentioned already, employee wellness is very important. But the best way to ensure that you cut the amount of money you use to pay health insurance for your employees and direct it to other welfare activities would be to introduce exercise in the office space.

Combining exercising and working can be challenging for most office spaces, but when you get a revolutionary Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair, the lives of every single person that works with you are better. This exercise chair has the following features.

An adjustable seat that can be pulled upwards and pushed downwards to accommodate any size of the user.
It comes with a breathable mesh backrest that gives you back a comfortable fit and stops you from sweating while working.
The seat cushion is fluffy and very comfortable and can withstand very heavy people without causing any issue.
It comes with pedals that are calibrated to different difficulty settings for maximum effect.
It has a whisper-quiet operation that is barely audible to people who may be working beside you. This gives you the freedom to work out while working without causing any distractions to the rest.

Reward Performance

Not all workers are the same. Everyone comes with their own weaknesses and strengths and the ability to know this and harness that can take your company very far. At the same time, however, you need to keep the morale of an employee who is performing more than others at an all-time high by rewarding them for their efforts.

One thing that usually leads to work apathy is feeling unappreciated. Putting in work without any commensurate rewards will deflate the confidence and the morale of any top-performing employee faster than anything else as they will reach a point where they don’t see the benefit of doing extra. Therefore, show your appreciation by rewarding the best performer all the time. It doesn’t have to be something too big, just a simple gift that matches what they have done.

Set up a Counselling Department

Set up a Counselling Department

The pandemic has had a toll on people, both psychologically and physically. People have had to bury their loved ones and some have had to live with debilitating conditions after the virus ravaged their bodies. As much as people may look okay, many employees who will be coming back to work from the office will be going through a lot of things.

As an employer, the best gift you can grant your employees when they come back is to hire an in-house counsel who can talk them through their experiences in an effort to help them readjust to work-life once again. This is usually an expensive undertaking when done independently, and by providing it at the workplace, you will be bringing something very important closer to the people working under you.

Hold Random Parties

Designating one day every month to hold a party involving everyone is one way you can boost the morale of those working under you. These parties can be held within the workspace where people put down their tools and spend time unwinding and interacting without pressure.

On top of making people feel free with each other, parties provide a good opportunity for colleagues to bond, and this sense of community is what makes working easier as they can always have each other’s backs at all times. You don’t have to go all out to set a party. A few refreshments, some snacks, and a form of entertainment can do the trick. Employees will always look forward to this, and that is good for their confidence and morale.

Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating Milestones

When you have employees who have been with you for very long and have been part of the company through thick and thin, then holding anniversary celebrations for them is a good way of boosting their morale and inspiring others to also aim for that in the long run. This is the best way of showing your appreciation, and you can match that with a promotion, a valuable gift, a salary bump, or anything special that will make them feel appreciated.

The same can also be applied to welcoming new members to the fold, something that is going to happen a lot as people go back to work. Giving newcomers a proper welcome makes them feel part of the group, and this integrates them quickly into the working culture, which is ultimately good for everyone.


Running a successful enterprise is more than just profits. It takes good human relationships for things to work, and finding clever ways of boosting the morale and confidence of people who work under you is the best way to ensure that you grow from strength to strength. If you are an employer looking for ways you can use to make your workers feel appreciated, then the tips mentioned above are a good place to start.