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Upgrade Your Home Office: Why Gaming Chairs Aren't Just for Gamers

23 July 2020

When you see a gaming chair it's easy to see that support and stability that seems unparalleled. In this article we'll be exploring the wonders of gaming chairs and just why they aren't exclusively for gamers!
More than Just a Gaming Chair
When you think of a gaming chair, chances are you imagine a gamer intensely playing a game. Take that image out of your head and take a look at the gaming chair itself,  notice how much support it provides and just how comfortable it seems. Gaming chairs are designed for gamers who spend long hours in front of their computers and while they spend that time gaming and practicing various strategies, the amount of focus required for those long hours is comparable to what most of us working from home have to do. Who says that gaming chairs are exclusively for gamers only? In this article we'll be exploring why you should upgrade and get a gaming chair for your home office today!

Stability & Comfort
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, as many as 80% of Americans experience back pain. Which is exactly why both stability and comfort are important factors to consider when getting yourself a new chair. When it comes to support, nearly any good quality office chair can provide you with designs that provide just that. When it comes to comfort however, office chairs strive for simplicity and often ignore this aspect. For gaming chairs however, you can see by design alone that both stability and comfort is of utmost priority. Majority of gaming chairs in the market provide support for your entire back; lumbar support for your lower back eliminating chances for back pain, contours that help support the entire spine and at times cushions that are both firm and comfortable. For gaming chairs like FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 features like an extendable footrest and a removable pillow ensure optimum comfort along with its ergonomic design. And when it comes to working long hours this type of support and comfort is exactly what you need.

Flexible Adjustments
It's no secret that finding the right position while working can be quite difficult, especially when you're working from home. Oftentimes you might find yourself constantly switching positions to find that sweet spot that can help you focus on your work. Majority of office chairs can probably do very little to aid this with office chairs usually just allowing you to adjust the height of your seat. When it comes to gaming chairs however, common features include  an adjustable height, adjustable backrests and adjustable armrests. Being able to easily customize your chair with ease allows you to find the right position with ease and lets you get focused on your work and the things that matter. Flexibility is key to ensuring that you can get the most out of your gaming or working hours and that's exactly gaming chairs are designed for.

Finding the Right Gaming Chair
Now that we've explored the wonders of gaming chairs, you might be wondering what the right or perfect gaming chair is. For something truly made with an ergonomic design perfect for both gamers and office workers, check out the FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01, it's got all the features we've mentioned above and is one of the most inexpensive gaming chairs in the market. Get your money's worth and experience it for yourself. If you're looking to completely upgrade your home office, you can even throw in the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Gaming Desk. It provides you with a large desktop space and even allows you to adjust the height of your desk at a push of a button. When it comes to ergonomic products, gamer or not, they're designed to work for everyone.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your entire workspace or get a new chair, always remember that your space should work for you. For more ergonomic tips, useful life hacks and lifestyle feel free to check out the FlexiWellness Center!