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Warm-up Flash Sale Event for the Presidents' Day 2023 With a Flexispot Standing Desk

16 February 2023

For those who follow the ergonomics industry closely, it's no surprise that Flexispot takes advantage of every opportunity to showcase its innovative and visually attractive ergo solutions. Ranging from Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to Member Day sales, save $160 off, 100% cashback, and brand day celebration, we offer you premium satisfaction!

And as we approach this year's Presidents' Day, we're happy to let you know that you can buy our Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 at a reduced price.

But first, we must walk you through the significance of President's day. What is the big deal about it? And why is it recognized as a federal holiday? Don't fret; we've got the answers.

Let's get down to business!

The President's Day - Here's Why We Really Celebrate the Federal Holiday

Typically, the most beautiful days of winter occur around Presidents Day. After the merriment of the Christmas season and the celebration of our dear Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the first month of the year, it provides the American people with a joyous three-day weekend.

Many Americans may have grown sentimental about Presidents Day because there won't be another national holiday until May. It makes sense to take advantage of the season while it lasts.

The purpose of Presidents Day is, as its name implies, to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all the leaders of the free world. Not only the previous administration, but also the current one.

While most people are aware of the date, they are often unaware of the steps the country took to get there. What we're about to tell you will hopefully shed some light on the situation.

History of the Presidents Day

Presidents Day was originally conceived in Washington, DC, in 1879 for the sole purpose of remembering and celebrating George Washington. It is common knowledge among American citizens that George Washington was the nation's first leader.

Six years later (1885, to be exact), the celebration had spread beyond the borders of Washington, D.C., to the extent that federal offices across the country had to close for the day.

But keep in mind that the great George Washington's actual birthday is on February 22, not February 20. Well, it's even believed in some quarters that his birthday is February 11.

The alternative theory asserts that his birth occurred on February 11, 1731, during the time of the Julian calendar, a relic of the Roman Empire that was banished in 1582. The British continued to observe it until 1752.

As a mark of appreciation for George Washington, President's Day was observed widely across the country long before it was officially recognized as a federal holiday in 1879.

After the passing of Johnson's Uniform Holiday Bill, the date of observance was changed to the third Monday in February. During this time, the holiday began to acquire popularity as a means to celebrate not only Washington's Birthday on February 22 but also that of Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is on February 12. Incredible, right?

In 1951, over a century after Washington's Birthday, a National Committee for Presidents Day was formed to determine which date would be designated as a holiday honoring all U.S. presidents past and present.

As March 4 was the day on which George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the United States, it was chosen as the date for the new presidency. A date in February was ultimately chosen by the National Committee because of its proximity to the birthday of the nation's first president.

That the holiday should occur on the third Monday of February was settled once and for all in 1971, and the celebration has stuck to that date ever since.

What Happens on the Presidents Day?

To reiterate, President's Day is a federal holiday, and schools, the U.S. Postal Service, and other government agencies naturally close for the day.

Even more extravagant parades and other forms of celebration are held in other areas of the country. Cities like Virginia (George Washington's birthplace) and Alexandria, Virginia, plan month-long celebrations.

Special events and festivals, like the annual and well-known "GeorgeFest" in Eustis, Florida, are held in other public locations on this federal holiday as well. As the country celebrates its national holiday, many businesses offer huge discounts to their clients.

Oh, and let's not leave out the cherry pie, which is arguably the best part of the celebration. Because of the urban legend that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, this holiday is also associated with the traditional consumption of cherry pie.

When is Presidents Day 2023?

By tradition, Presidents Day is observed annually on the third Monday of February, making this year's holiday observance fall on February 20.

Regardless, the date of Presidents Day is not set in stone. This is because of the Uniform Holiday Bill, which was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968. It's different from year to year. But why is the Bill connected to Presidents Day? Keep on reading!

In an effort to prevent shutdowns throughout the week and to add long weekends to the government calendar, the Uniform Holiday Bill mandated that three holidays, President's Day included, be observed on Mondays.

Flash Sale for the Presidents Day

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