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What Do You Stand to Gain from FlexiSpot’s Super Brand Day?

27 May 2021

FlexiSpot’s brand day event is all over the internet.

It’s a massive virtual party in the Ergonomic world. But a few people still wonder, what’s with the FlexiSpot brand day?

We don’t intend to leave anyone in the dark, so do accept our little enlightenment offering in form of a fully packed article. Without further ado, let’s get to business.

While it’s easy to assume the FlexiSpot brand is popular and widely recognized all over the world, we have decided not to take that path.

Hence in this article, you will find out:

  • What FlexiSpot Stands For?
  • Shipping details.
  • All FlexiSpot’s Brand Day offers

We’ll like to start with a formal introduction to the FlexiSpot brand.

What Does FlexiSpot Brand Stand For?

Simply put, we stand for health, love, and care in their rawest form. And for five years, we have proved this repeatedly.

Spearheading the battle for healthy working conditions, FlexiSpot has produced numerous healthy workstations that have changed work lives for the better.

FlexiSpot is a brand that seeks to engineer a healthy and better work environment. We also work with intentions to birth a productive, effective, and creative work culture. We achieve these feats by solidly engaging ergonomic solutions and unending innovations.

Our products are known all over the world for their undiluted quality. Or why else would we stand tall on a 4.8 overrating?

We can attribute exceptional quality to the use of materials that boost wellbeing and performance. And of course, the thorough tests our products are exposed to before we put them out there.

FlexiSpot designs and enlivens standing desks, chairs, floating shelves, Desk converters, desk bikes, and other ergonomic office equipment.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without the help of our R&D engineers who work nonstop to create healthy workplace magic. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes.

Finally, we are your humble go-to brand when a blend of creative and ergonomic workspace is a necessity.

The Services We Offer

Some of our peculiar services include:


We offer free shipping and delivery via FEDEX to 48 states in the USA. Furthermore, we ship all products on the same day or a day after if you made your order after 3 pm central time.

Due to our prompt shipping culture, our customers enjoy the fastest product deliveries ever.

Shipping within the USA takes about 3-8 days without interference from uncontrollable variables. And for orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, the regular FedEx charges apply. We also ship to destinations outside the USA although, you need to first call us at +1 (855) 421-2808.

Return Policy

We understand the essentiality of a perfectly suitable product. And we are aware that it often takes a purchase to confirm that some products don’t fit. That’s why we have a reasonable return policy.

To launch a return process, send us a mail stating the reason for your return, and your order number. We will send you a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA).

Returning a product comes with a few conditions like:

  • Returning it in its original pack looking new.
  • If the item doesn’t look new, we will deduct a 10% restocking fee from your refund.
  • You need an RMA for all refunds
  • We process and credit all returns within 7-10 days of receipt
  • We’ll inspect returned items before we refund you
  • Package the product the same way you received it
  • You are responsible for shipping the product back

Our return process has been swift, thanks to our proactive customer support.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on giving our customers adequate and rapt attention always. With the Flexispot support team, there are no time barriers. We are available to attend to queries or complaints 24/7.

And for diversity and comfortability, we offer customer support in three ways. You can either mail us, call, or engage us in a live chat. Regardless of the means, there will always be a concerned agent willing to solve all your problems.

Access all our toll-free support lines on FlexiSpot's official website, where the live chat is also at your disposal. Or you can call our general support line on +1 (855) 421-2808.

To contact us via email, send your emails to

What Is FlexiSpot Brand Day?

The search for a healthy workstation is often marred by affordability challenges. FlexiSpot is aware of this. And to mark our five years of dedicated manufacturing of quality office furniture, we have launched a brand day.

To all the lovers of our well thought ergonomic wonders, we have created more wondrous offers, exclusively for you!

Our brand day is themed “StandForLove”, and it kicked off on the 24th of May. For the brand day newbies, consider this a clarion call to join the love feast. This brand day will run throughout this week, till 31st.

FlexiSpot Super Brand Day

In a bid to help you take your first steps towards a healthier and productive workspace, we have decided to gift you with offers like:

Sitewide Discount Deals

The site-wide discount started on the 24th of May. And the fact that there are several office furniture ready to be grabbed at fantastic prices is good news!

And there is better news; you can access this discounted sale by visiting FlexiSpot’s official website.

To brush you up on what to expect while surfing for discounted products, let’s explain how this works.

There are three types of discounts. First is the 15% discount sale. The second one is the clearance sale while the last one is new on sale.

15% Discount Sale

You can save up to 15% on a few selected items. The only condition attached to this discount is that it applies to the purchase price (excluding taxes)

Clearance Sale

To clear out our warehouses, we have put up many items for clearance sales. But to access this deal, you need to hasten up because the sale lasts as long as the supplies last. All products under this discount sale have the largest price slash.

New on Sale

New arrival items rarely get a discount. But to mark this brand day, FlexiSpot has offered some new arrivals at a 10% discount.

These discounts remain valid between 00.00 am PST May 24 until 11.59 pm May 30.

The Lucky Charm Bundle

We also intend to keep you engaged with our social media pages via this exhilarating deal. All you need to do is like and follow all our social media pages.

Afterward, check for FlexiSpot brand day posts and like them. And ensure you tag three of your friends in the comment section.

After this, you stand the chance to win a prize. We plan to reward one participant with a winning prize, two participants with the second prize, and six third prizes. And the good news is that the prizes of the rewards range from $200 to $2000. See why you can’t afford to miss this?

We already have people joining the fun; don’t be left out.

StandForLove Photo Gallery

Another exciting contest that’s ongoing is the StandForLove photo gallery contest. If you haven’t taken a work shot, get a camera and click now! This contest requires the submission of the best shots portraying your work life. We will display your picture on the photo wall on our website, where people will show their approval by liking the pictures.

At the end of this brand day celebration, we will reward the photo with the highest likes. And the reward is our latest standing desk!

Spin and Win

It gets even more interesting with the spin and win. As the name suggests, you spin a wheel to win a prize. After loading the spin and win page, you must first verify your email to access the wheels. After the email verification, you will get one opportunity to spin.

But you can earn more extra spins by sharing the FlexiSpot page with a friend or by purchasing a free spin at Presently, our customers are winning gifts and coupons from this activity. We promise you nothing short of an exciting and thrilling spin. Why not give it a try?

Flash Sale

FlexiSpot has dedicated each day of the brand day to a particular product. Unlike the sitewide discount, flash sale deals are particular to an item for a day.

For instance, if the Electric Height Adjustable standing desk Seiffen is the flash sale product for today, you can get up to a $110 discount on it. Flash sale deals can land you the best sale ever.

It has been a daily treat to our existing and first-time customers alike. This offer puts affordable ergonomic office furniture right within your grasp.

Closing thought

With the thoughtful services FlexiSpot offers, you can trust us to do your bidding and deliver the product of your choice. So, the question is, why on earth would you miss out on all the exclusive brand day deals?

FlexiSpot offers quality at its best. So a flash deal from FlexiSpot can never be short of a great deal. Log in to FlexiSpot official website and create your dream workspace at a lower cost now!