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What To Get with Your Office Christmas Bonus!

20 December 2021

Did you know that it takes just 14 seconds for a person to decide if they like a Christmas gift or not? Consequently, people return or re-gift more than half of the presents they receive over the festive period.

That's why companies across the world prefer to reward their most valid workers with a Christmas bonus instead of tacky gift-wrapped knick-knacks.

Christmas Bonus

What’s The Essence of a Christmas Bonus?

The idea of gifting cash bonuses is not that new. It was started in 1899 by the F.W Woolworth Company. Their model rewards employees with $5 for each year of dedicated service. Since then, many companies have taken varied approaches to award bonuses.

Some give all their employees a Christmas bonus, while for some, it is contingent on meeting targets, length of services, and end-year profit statements. Christmas bonuses are about more than merely ensuring your employees get what they want for Christmas.

Companies can use them as lucrative incentives to help retain high-quality staff and keep company morale at an all-time high. There are also tax exemptions, which allow some companies to dole out end-year bonuses that can equal half or an entire month's wages.

So, have you been a good boy or girl at your job this year? Well, you can skip writing to Santa, cash in your bonus, and hit a store to get whatever your jolly heart desires.

Are you stuck on what to get? We have that covered with some handy suggestions, so follow along!

Upgrading Your Office Furniture

Upgrading Your Office Furniture: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Let's face it, 2021 has been a tough year. It's been lousy with grief, fear, and uncertainty across all industries both for office workers and remote staff. But you made it! To top it off, someone up your chain of command saw it fit to reward all that hard work.

So, right now, you’re probably contemplating all the things you can do to reward yourself. Sure, you could use this extra cash to feast like a king or take your family or friends out for some fun. That’s perfectly fine.

But, wouldn't it be better to get something to remember how you made it against such overwhelming odds-just for this year anyway? An office furniture upgrade is a practical way to do so.

The following products give you the perfect place to start:

Willow Pro Solid Wood Standing Desk

Willow Pro Solid Wood Standing Desk

Switching to a remote work scenario has loads of benefits. Companies get to retain their best workers while cutting back on overhead costs such as keeping the lights on while you as an employee get to work whenever and from wherever you please.

However, working from anywhere comes with some challenges. Chief among them is that it's hard to attain a high level of workplace ergonomics. This, more often than not, leads to back, shoulders, and neck pains.

Ditching your traditional sitting desk in favor of a standing desk can help you solve most of your ergonomic issues in one swoop.

Here is why it may be a swell idea to use your Christmas bonus to get the Willow Pro Standing Desk:

A Durable Solid Wood Desktop

Many companies cut costs by providing their customers with tacky and sometimes chaffy desktops. Flexispot is not one of them. This standing desk features a solid wood counter milled directly from the trees.

So, you get the genuine feel and aroma of wood minus any adhesives of fillers. You get the following choices with each order:

Rubberwood: sourced ethically from rubber trees at the end of their production cycle. This ensures you get the authentic feel of wood without the guilt of contributing to global deforestation. You get a well-crafted desk that can serve you well into your retirement.

Solid Wood Veneer: has a solid pine layer base topped off with textures and effects for an authentic solid wood finish. You get to choose between:

Cherry Wood
Black Walnut Wood
Red Oak

A Standing Desk Frame That Can Handle Anything You Throw At It

The willow standing desk boasts of the advanced Eco frame with a high weight capacity and loads of adjustability. You can make the following adjustments at the click of a button:

A generous loading capacity of 154lbs
You can adjust the width by a factor of 33.5 to 50.8 inches
A vast usable desktop real-estate of 39.3 to 60 inches
Configure the height to 28 - 47.6 inches

An Advanced Memory Keypad

This standing desk features an LED display that reminds you when to sit, stand, take a stroll or pull out an under-desk cycling machine.

Other Perks To Getting the Willow Pro

At 50 decibels (dB), a raving computer probably makes more noise than this desk while it's on the move. The desk also comes with a comprehensive manual and loads of YouTube How-to tutorials, so assembling it is a walk in the park.

You also get a 5-year warranty on the frame, motor, and other mechanisms and 2 years for the switch controllers and other electronic components.

But, with such robust construction and attention to design, you'll most likely never cash in the warranty!

Big and Tall Reclining Executive Office Chair

Getting a standing desk gives you plenty of room and excuses to get up and stretch. While this can be good for your blood circulation and spinal alignment, it's not a walk in the park, especially if you stand for hours on end. In that case, you'll need to comfortably take a load off your feet when standing gets tiresome.

And, what better way to rest your hunches than on a big and tall executive office chair with a recliner?

Let’s answer that by looking at what this beauty can deliver:

It’s Built for a Big Boss!

Flexispot spared no expense in crafting this masterpiece. This statement piece features authentic bonded leather and high-density foam padding. If you're tall and struggle to find a fitting office chair, then this chair can be the right fit for your frame.

It has the following dimensions.

Maximum load capacity: 350Ib

Overall dimension: 27.17 L x 29.53 W x 47.05 H inches

Seating area dimension: 18.7''Dx21.3.0''W

Backrest Height: 25-inches High

Uncompromising Back, Neck, and Shoulder Support

Aside from the foam padding, this "big boss" chair features a curved adjustable cushioning system. Such attention to detail ensures the smalls of your lower back, shoulders, and neck remain nestled in sheer comfort.

This ergonomic high back office chair supports you with ease as you recline to various therapeutic positions. The adjustable back angles are between 900 and 1350, which you can securely lock with an easy-to-reach lever.

An Elegant Retractable Footrest

Had enough of busy schedules and irritating clients? Or maybe you just need to take a breather and get back into the arena. Well, you can do that like the boss you are on this lay flat recliner.

This big tall office ergonomic chair features a waterfall edge design that culminates in a retractable footrest. These features combine to reduce overall fatigue while enhancing blood circulation. A five-minute break can help you get back to your task feeling refreshed and laser-focused on your targets.

Something to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How About Something to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Remaining actively engaged throughout the day at work can be tiring. Fortunately, this gives you the right to hit the hay and recharge your batteries. However, things are not that simple for everyone. Some people snore; others have sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, night terrors, or insomnia.

You may not be among such unfortunate souls. But the quality and quantity of sleep you get may not leave you feeling fully rested after a visit from the Sandman.

In that case, you may need:

An Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

An Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

You can profile An Electric Adjustable Bed Frame into various sleeping positions or depending on your preference. This ideal adjustable bed features 1 or more hinges that articulate the bed using a powerful motor.

This allows you to lower or raise different parts of the bed independently till you hit that sweet spot. So, there’s no way you’ll experience any buyer’s remorse by choosing to spend your Christmas bonus on such a bed.

Features at a Glance

Color: Black

Size: Queen

Max Loading Capacity: 600lbs.

Head Inclination Range: 0 to 60 degrees

Power Rating: 100 to 240V

Why Should You Get an Electric Adjustable Bed Frame with Your Christmas Bonus?

Enhanced Comfort

Do pillows give you a crick-neck? Well, you don’t even need to use them if your bed frame is adjustable. Aside from that, the incline customization allows you to set the bed to angles of between 30 and 60 degrees that are more comfortable than lying flat on your back, side, or belly.

Relief from Chronic Pain

Adjustable electric beds are used widely in hospitals and care hospices to help people suffering from sciatica and arthritic conditions. They are also used in trauma wards to relieve chronic pain for accident rehabilitation patients.

You can reap the same benefits to help you with any aches and pains you have to endure due to your busy office life. This type of bed raises your lower back, which reduces the strain on your inflamed joints and muscles. With such relief, your muscles get loads of time to heal from the rigors of your bustling office life.

Counters Snoring

Do you or your significant other snores loudly at night? This situation can lead to sleep deprivation that can impact your quality of life and relationship. An electric adjustable bed provides an elegant solution to this problem.

It does so by raising the top half of the bed, which ensures the airways remain open. In such a position, the soft tissue of your throat doesn't get snagged so, no rumbling noise that keeps others awake.


Do you wish to step into the new year with any or all the above products? Well, close your eyes, make that wish, and tap here to see what Santa and FlexiSpot have in store for you this Holiday season.

We're certain that you'll find something to pique your interest, reward all your effort, and possibly propel you to higher heights in the coming year.