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When is a Standing Desk Converter a Better Alternative Than a Standing Desk?

02 April 2024

If you want to start working in a standing position at your home office, you don't have to invest in a new standing desk altogether. A standing desk converter can be a more affordable and versatile option in that case. It also saves space and can improve overall convenience when working in a relatively small area. That said, it may not be the best piece of furniture out there, but it can be helpful in specific circumstances. Thus, this article explores when standing desk converters can be better alternatives than standing desks.

What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is a small platform that you can place atop your existing desk to increase the height of your screen and keyboard. In the case of laptops, you can raise your device to meet your eye level when standing and use an external keyboard and mouse. These converters typically have multi-tier designs to accommodate that.

Well-made converters also have height adjustability, allowing you to raise the height of the tiers to fit your elbow and screen height requirements. Moreover, you can reduce the height so that you can use it in a seated position. You can also remove the converter altogether to work in a seated position at your existing desk.

When is a Standing Desk Converter a Better Alternative Than a Standing Desk?

This article does not attempt to suggest that a converter is a better option than a standing desk. Instead, it explains how it can be in certain circumstances. Thus, it highlights these situations below, which showcase some of the advantages of picking a standing desk converter for your home office.

When You Already Have a Desk

If you already have a high-quality home office desk, you may not want to get rid of it for a standing desk. In that case, you can use a converter to raise the highest of your screen and keyboard and mouse during a standing work position.

Many professionals have begun working in a standing position for some parts of their work hours. Working like that can help improve focus because you prevent yourself from getting too comfortable in your seat. Better focus can increase your work efficiency and productivity, which can help you finish your work quicker than otherwise and improve your work quality. Thus, you can expect to avoid working overtime and simultaneously impress your clients or employer.

Working in a standing position can also help your body burn more calories than when sitting in one place for your eight-hour or nine-hour shift. You can also help your body stay more active by being on your feet more often, which can help your muscles get the necessary activity.

Standing desk converters can easily be placed atop your regular desk, allowing you to turn your regular desk into a standing one. The EM6M motorized sit-stand desk converter also makes it incredibly convenient to switch between positions. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower your converter. Thus, you don't even need to pick up your monitor from the converter's platform and place it on your desk to start working in a standing position. You only have to set things up once; after that, you can change settings to suit your liking.

When You Want Ergonomic Furniture on a Budget

While the EM6M standing desk converter may be a relatively expensive option, there are more cost-effective ones as well. The more budget options may not have some features, such as motorized height adjustment or wireless charging pads, but they can help turn your regular workstation into an ergonomic standing desk.

The GoRiser ML2, for example, offers a sturdy platform that allows you to raise your laptop so that you can work in a standing position. It also has enough load capacity to fit a monitor and height adjustment to accommodate people of various heights. The tabletop also has enough space to place a laptop and some additional office supplies to help utilize space at your workstation.

Switching between a seated and standing position can be beneficial to your work and health in the long term. So, investing in a budget option is an excellent way to bring positive results without spending a lot of money.

When You Have Limited Space in Your Home Office

One of the benefits of an ergonomic office desk converter is that it can provide you with a practical workstation in a limited space. For example, if you're working from home in a small room, you can simply place the converter on any raised platform in your home.

A standing desk converter is typically smaller than a regular desk. So, it can be a useful option when you don't have much space or when you're traveling. Even the high-quality, motorized options, such as the M7 model, take minimal space. This is also a useful feature when you want to keep your desk relatively uncluttered. That said, you should note the dimensions of the converter linked above can make it difficult to carry around when traveling.

When You Need Something Relatively Portable

You can easily carry your desk converter to your office and use it there if you have a hybrid working system. A hybrid system is when you work at your workplace on some days of the week and the rest at home. The standing desk converters without motorized height adjusters are relatively less weight than their motorized counterparts because they don't have such mechanisms. So, those may be more convenient in terms of portability.

When You Want a Desk with Multiple Tiers

A muti-tier design for a home office desk is crucial when you're using a laptop or a monitor with limited height adjustment. With a laptop, you can place your laptop on the top tier so that it's at your eye level and utilize an external keyboard and mouse on the second tier. This way, you can maintain good posture.

You don't have to buy an expensive desk converter to benefit from a multi-tier design. The AlcoveRiser M7 comes with a removable keyboard tray that can fit your keyboard and mouse. This way, you can ensure that your home office desk allows you to keep your elbows and screen in the ideal positions when standing.

You can also remove the keyboard tray when you're using it in the seated position, so you don't have to ever move your monitor off the converter. That said, you can place the converter in its lowest position without removing the keyboard tray. This feature can be useful when you want to increase the height of your monitor so that its upper half is at your eye level when you're sitting with proper posture.

Final Words

Now that you know when standing desk converters can be better alternatives than standing desks, there are some crucial things to keep in mind. For example, you should note how much weight/mass your desk converter can accommodate. Exceeding the weight limit can cause the device to malfunction or damage it. The manufacturer provides the ideal weight limits.

In addition to that, make sure that you buy products that are made of durable materials. Buying standing converters should be a long-term investment, and durability is an important component of that. At the same time, make sure to check the height range and the height of your desk. The converter should raise high enough after being placed on your desk. So, measure your existing desk's height to make sure you're buying a converter that will benefit you.