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Why you need the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

07 June 2021

By listening to you, our qualified home office furniture designers produced the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)! Combining innovative features with a low cost, this ergonomic desk is not only affordable but also proven in terms of quality and efficacy. Therefore, you may sit and work or stand and work for as little as $247 without having to worry about spine health risks.

With Advanced Functions, you have a three stable stages to choose from:

Eco-Two-Stage: Designed to combat an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, the Eco frame meets a large proportion of users' needs. You are guaranteed that the desktop will never break with the combined weight of your computer, you, and other devices. It is an economical alternative that gives excellent value for money.

Pro (2-Stage): A dual lifting system provides increased weight capability, durability, and elevating speed. It is the best option for configuring larger and wider desktops or hefty facilities. This stage is recommended for die-hard gamers and users seeking superior quality and performance.

Pro (3-Stage): Engineered to provide the most comfortable standing desk experience possible. It features a wide range of height adjustments and an even quicker lifting speed. It is the ideal alternative for individuals who require further flexibility for their height, such as basketball players and children. Additionally, the frame is well-suited for more varied circumstances, such as live broadcasts, child education, and intricate crafts.

Selecting the Correct Keypad for you is Easy with this Desk

From basic keypads with ordinary up and down arrows to complex all-in-one keypads, you can customize your fantasy standing desk with the perfect keypad! 

The basic keypad — Easily transition from seated to upright posture with a single button tap.

The state-of-the-art all-in-one keypad — With three customizable presets, you can quickly save your preferred cycling heights when seated, standing, or under the desk. Additionally, you can view your exact table level on the energy-efficient LED display, which immediately enters sleep mode to conserve energy. Additionally, you may configure useful activity notifications to encourage you to stay seated at periodic intervals or disable them entirely when necessary.

Environmentally Friendly, High-Quality Desktop

Choose from a variety of sturdy chipboard and MDF colors (Medium Density Fiberboard). Choose the ideal fit for your room from all these options!

CHIPBOARD: Available in a choice of solid colors and wood grains, our 1" thick chipboard panels are available in a range of solid colors and wooden grains. Chipboard is an excellent alternative if you're looking for durability, geometric patterns, and color consistency at a reasonable price. Most importantly, our PCs have completed the Underwriters Laboratories' consumer safety testing and certification (UL).

MDF: Is free of knots and kinks that could detract from the smooth surface. Our curved desks replace sharp edges with rounded edges that are more pleasant for extended periods of time at work. Replace the conventional sharp corners with softened corners to eliminate the likelihood of bumps or injuries. Our eco-friendly medium-density fiberboard complies with CARB and EPA regulations. Additionally, it features double cable management holes to assist you with keeping your workstation orderly, clean, and uncluttered.

Carrie H. deems the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) as a game-changer

“This desk is excellent, it's beautiful and reasonably priced. I've been researching standing workstations for the past year and am overjoyed to have discovered Flexispot. Having a standing desk while working as a web designer has been genuinely revolutionary. I work with a huge screen strapped to the desk, being able to switch between standing and sitting positions effortlessly, and can keep my workplace organized on the vast space sans having to move everything every moment I want to stand. I adore it!”

Teresia K. absolutely loves this desk as it smoothly goes from sitting to standing.

“Easy to assemble, instructions in plain English. When I want to stand, I stand. When I want to sit, I sit. Edema is gone! Best Price anywhere. I was about to purchase a desktop riser, then found this for just a few bucks more. So worth it. Highly recommend for anyone with health issues or healthy people with desk jobs who want to stay that way.”

Jennifer D. says that the Seiffen is a great find.

“I purchased my unit for a guest bedroom, and it fits perfectly into the room and decor. This desk is sturdy - it is made of quality materials and is packed to protect them. The motor is both quiet and smooth, and the finished product looks handsome in our space. Assembly instructions are clear. Customer Service was responsive when I had an email inquiry about the delivery of the top (shipped separately from the base/motor). I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a sit/stand desk that is functional, affordable, and high-quality.”

“Solid construction, strong enough to hold all the stuff needed by a college student, and more! If you have mobility issues this desk is a great choice and I'll let my friends know too.

My only issue is that I dropped the leg on my knee and got a wicked bruise. Maybe I just overlooked it, but a warning about assembling with two people might be helpful! Thanks, Apple Cheeks (YouTube Channel) for showing me this awesome brand!”

Brandon D. has decided to purchase an additional Seiffen for his wife because of how great it is to use.

“I was looking for an ergonomic table to start working from home. This table is not the most affordable one, but definitely, it's not the most expensive, and the pictures look good. So I decided to give it a chance.

This was the best decision.

This is a high-quality product, well finished, and works as expected.

The assembly could be easier, but nothing to complain about at all. I put it all together in 30 minutes.

I decided to purchase an additional one for my wife.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) and see the difference while you work!