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World Sleep Day Events| Enjoy the Flash Sale on Flexispot Adjustable Bed Frames

14 March 2023

On March 17 this year, people around the globe will be observing World Sleep Day. This annual celebration is dedicated to shedding light on the importance of sleep. The theme for the 2023 celebrations is Sleep is Essential for Health. And members of the World Sleep Society and health advocates are calling for global action to spread the message of healthy sleep's importance towards normal physical, mental, and social well-being.

The average human sleeps for about a third of their life, with sleep experts recommending at least 8 hours for healthy adults. With so much experience, it feels like sleeping properly should be an obvious thing. However, that's not the case, for most people anyway. Across all genders, races, and age groups, millions of people report distorted sleeping patterns and muscle aches after a night's sleep, stealing away from the benefits of a good night's sleep.

Your mind and body should repair and replenish as you sleep. Therefore, if you're not sleeping well, the body begins to show, and you become less functional in your daily tasks. But the solution to all that could be as simple as switching up your bed. It sounds too easy, but that's because it is. Getting the right bed setup could alleviate all the symptoms of a poor night's sleep and get you back to optimal functioning.

Adjustable bed frames are all the rage right now, and we'll quickly highlight the benefits and recommend the one you should get to mark World Sleep Day 2023.

Adjustable Bed Frames

It is literally what the name says–a bed frame that adjusts to give you a better sleeping position. At the bare minimum, it should provide adjustability to the head angle and at the foot. The benefits are numerous, and they include the following:

● Relief from back pain by offering optimal spinal alignment when sleeping

● Relief from snoring, which is a big culprit for interrupted sleep patterns for the sleeper and those within earshot

● Reduced chances of acid reflux by positioning the body to allow gravity to keep things flowing down instead of up

● Enhanced circulation, which also reduces leg swelling.

● More comfortable sleep and less insomnia

● Improved digestion as it has better upper body elevation needed for proper food processing

● And, it's a lifestyle product

The Best Adjustable Bed Frame–The S5 by Flexispot

If you're considering getting an adjustable bed frame for you or your family, we recommend getting the S5 by Flexispot. Here are 7 solid reasons why this should be your next investment.

The Sturdiest Bed Frame

Flexispot are masterminds when it comes to durable furniture construction. The same holds with their range of adjustable bed frames. The frame on the S5 is made using construction-grade carbon steel, which is near indestructible as far as furniture materials go.

The frame and mattress are supported by 6 sturdy legs. And, the entire ensemble is so solid that the bed would not bend, even with two adults jumping on it. But don't take our word for it; read about our quality assurance process below.

Quality Guarantee

We promise that the Adjustable Bed Frame S5 is the best adjustable bed frame, and we've gone through the most rigorous testing to issue that guarantee. Each of our bed frames undergoes fatigue testing that involves 10,000 different adjustments with a weight load of more than 750 lbs to ensure that the motor can sustain daily use (and even abuse) for the issued warranty period of 10 years.

What's more, the 6 legs undergo a further 25,000 wobble tests to ensure that no amount of activity, within realistic limits, of course, will cause the bed to bend. We've gone further and gotten FCC, CE, and UL approvals, which is basically shop talk for our small parts are also tested and approved by the appropriate bodies. Therefore, the S5 and all of Flexispot's adjustable bed frames are products whose safety, durability, and reliability you can bank upon.


Outside of the bells and whistles, the primary job of an adjustable bed frame is adjusting the rest angle for the head and foot sections. The maximum tilt on the head section for the S5 is 60 degrees and 45 degrees for the foot. The bed has a remote control that automatically adjusts the rest positions, so you don't have to worry about manually propping the frame.

The remote control has 9 functions. It has two preset positions: flat, which is the default state of your mattress, and zero gravity, which raises your legs slightly above your heart to mimic your spine's natural curvature. Zero Gravity has been described as a feeling of weightlessness or floating in space, which makes sense since it's NASA who created the concept. The rest of the functions include head up and down, foot up and down controls, 2 memory positions, and a switch for under-bed lighting.


It's a machine with moving parts, and you're right to worry that you'll get up one day and have your bed permanently stuck in a 30-degree head tilt. But not with the S5. The motor is flawless, and its operation is smoother than a politician hoping to get elected. The best part is the 10-year warranty to back our claims.

The motor is also whisper-quiet and operates at a noise level of fewer than 55 decibels. You shouldn't have a vacuum or blender noise-level frame roaring through the halls, waking everyone in its wake.


This is a huge one. One of the biggest worries for people making the switch is what to do with their old bed platform. Well, the S5 can be installed onto an existing platform, but note that that would ultimately render its leg attachments useless. Alternatively, you can keep the parts of the existing frame you like or just use the frame as a stand-alone. Most similar products in the market don't have this accommodation, which sets the S5 apart from the fold.

The legs are also adjustable to 4 different heights–3", 6", 9", and 12". This is important for two reasons. One is that you can raise the bed to fit your own preferred height vs. the height of a child's bed. And, two, you can determine the amount of under-storage you get. The latter is the second biggest concern for buyers, as the cables and motors are delicate and also interfere with how much of the under bed, you can use as storage.

Finally, not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed frames. We recommend memory foam, latex, gel, or hybrid mattresses for optimal functioning. We have our mattress partners, and if you are looking for one that goes with your new frame, we'll give you the best recommendation.

The Frills

The S5 adjustable bed frame is not Flexispot's most premium bed frame, but it is a close second. As such, you expect a bit of pizzazz, which you get in good measure. Here are our favorite extras on the S5

Retainer and Side Bars

The S5 has a retainer where you regularly have a footboard to keep your mattress from sliding off as you adjust it. Nearer the headboard, Flexispot also installs sidebars that further prop the mattress in position, meaning the bed won't slip left or right but instead stay centered. The retainers are almost standard for adjustable beds, but the sidebars are not that common, despite their absolute necessity.

Side Pockets

You get a side pocket as a standard issue with your frame that slides over one of the sidebars. This little sleeve is handy when storing the remote and could also serve as your new phone holder. It is also much more efficient than a remote dock, which would necessitate a nightstand, and is a few inches further from your bed.

Underbed Light

You no longer need your bright overhead lights to get up for a tinkle. Keep things ambient with the under-bed lights that are just bright enough to light up your path, but dim enough not to shake you wide awake.

Non-slip Feet Stickers

Protect your carpet and floor with non-slip feet stickers that go over the 6 legs on the frame. They are delicate and don't scratch or leave a mark. They also match the elegant choice of black walnut or delicate wood grain colors that you get with the S5's legs.


The S5 is an advanced adjustable bed frame that comes in three sizes: The Twin XL, which goes for $599.99; the Queen for $799.99; and The Split King, which goes for $1199.99. As far as adjustable beds go, the pricing is quite fair.

World Sleep Day Discounts!

To observe World Sleep Day, Flexispot will be running flash sales, one of which will run from the 14th to the 16th of March. This sale will see the price of the S5's Twin XL drop from $599.99 to $499.99, which is $100 off or a 16%+ discount.

Our World Sleep Day Event will run from the 14th-20th of March, where you can catch amazing deals on our other bed frames. And the more you shop, the larger the discounts in our Buy More, Save More campaign. We'll be giving you $90 off for $900, $120 off for $1200, and $150 off for $1500.

So, if you've been meaning to upgrade the family or a loved one, now is the time. Also, create awareness of the importance of sleep for your health by using the hashtag #WorldSleepDay.

Happy Shopping!