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A Virgo Home Office for Summer's Last Hurrah

04 August 2021

It's almost Virgo Season, which means it's time to steadily transition out of summer hibernation mode, organize, and get ready for a fun and busy fall. People born between August 23rd and September 22nd are Virgos, born under the sign of "The Virgin." As a result, Virgos are known for being timid, neat, tidy, and careful. Not all Virgos fall into these categories, of course, and this sign encompasses much more. We all could use a bit more Virgo in our lives, and one approach is through our home office design.

Remodeling your home office may be a brilliant experience and is often seen as the most enjoyable aspect of having your own workspace. Every one of us has tastes and preferences that represent our personality. While some zodiac signs approach home office design differently, it can be an exciting experience for others, such as the knowledgeable and pragmatic Virgo. Others may be drawn to Virgo's calm, steady energy. They want to know about a range of things and help others. They may also have a perfectionist spirit and a desire to constantly look their best, which can cause them to put so much pressure on themselves.

Here are some ideas for a minimalist home office, just like what this astrological sign would prefer:

Organize your space

Virgos are known for their organization, and they are most likely the most structured sign of the zodiac. Not all Virgos are orderly, but most of them can tell you precisely where anything of theirs is - even if it's in the middle of a shambles. So, for the Virgo season, get organized. And an ideal place to begin is in your storage areas. No matter how big or tiny your cabinet, shelf, or drawer space is, you can make it appear like your private palace by adequately disposing of office and work materials that you almost ever use or need. If you haven't used something in a year, out it goes to donation or garbage bin.

home office

Your power color is: Brown

Power colors shouldn't have to be your favorite colors; they have to represent your best attributes. This can be readily applied because brown is a fantastic neutral option that works well with various colors. Brown provides a sense of stability and tranquility to your thoughts, making it an excellent choice for setting the stage for whatever you may want to create. It won't hurt to include brown decor, walls, or minor accents. A neutral color scheme with a lot of greys, earth tones, black and white, and just a hint of green is also included. Using earth tones in your home office's color scheme, bring the outside in through houseplants and fresh flowers, or have a grounding crystal like obsidian into your decorations to balance your root chakra, as well as books and fun pictures.


You have a strong urge to maintain things neat, clean, and peaceful. Minimalism is a form that is best renowned for simplicity being absolutely more. By only keeping what is required and getting rid of what is no longer relevant, you may open up a new, pleasant atmosphere in your workspace that doesn't require much maintenance or tension. Even if you wouldn't go completely minimalist, integrating some of its ideas might provide you with a framework to work with.

Showcase your interests aesthetically

Tastefully displaying your interests is a terrific way to show off a bit of yourself. It might be as basic as displaying a few books on your work desk about something you're passionate about or making a little gallery wall that shows your interests. When you have company around, it can also serve as a terrific discussion starter.

Prioritize comfort over looks

It's easy to become preoccupied with how things look rather than how they feel when you want to create a modern office with striking accuracy and clean lines. Realize that your workplace chair should be comfy and a spot where you can unwind. Your workstation is where you focus on things and spend the majority of your time if you work from home during this pandemic. It only takes a little searching to find products that combine comfort and flair.

When it comes to comfort and being pain-free, FlexiSpot is all about supporting individuals to be more efficient at work by providing us with ergonomic home and office solutions. Here we recommend a few chairs to go with your spruced-up workspace. Don't fret! These chairs all come in neutral colors to suit your Virgo goals:

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F 1W

Ergonomic Office Chair 9127

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

Redesign your desk

Virgos can be overachievers, and their minds are continuously wandering due to their ruler, Mercury, the courier, and communicator. Many Virgos are dissatisfied unless they are assisting others or making themselves productive. It's normal to see them working into the wee hours of the morning. Because many of us spend the majority of our time at work, we might just as well make it a pleasant atmosphere. Invest in some attractive office supplies, a smart planner customized stationery, images of your favorite people, and a height-adjustable standing desk to take advantage of reaping the benefits of standing or doing a range of movements vs statically sitting all your workday all week.

There is no need to look elsewhere as FlexiSpot has the perfect desk for your home office, and this should work very well as it encompasses the many elements a Virgo space should have. White, minimalist, a wooden top, and beautiful soft edges for its uniquely designed legs that should bring extra aesthetic appeal to your working space. 

modish standing desk

Modish Standing Desk

Nothing beats the sophistication of a natural bamboo strip integrated into an ergonomic workstation with  Modish Standing Desk. It is twice as durable as regular wood and includes a lacquer coating to help resist scratches, moisture, and bugs. This sleek and eco-friendly standing desk has advanced safety features such as locking its height position until you disable it and detecting and preventing collisions before they occur. The frame's rounded, smooth edges avoid injuries and make it suitable for use around pets and children.

  • It has a groove that hides the cables beneath the desk, keeping the workspace tidy and safe.
  • The integrated smart socket outlet and the two USB ports (type A+C) provide a convenient power source whenever you need it.
  • It has a premium keypad with an LED display, four memory presets, and a timer that reminds you to swap positions every so often.

You can learn more about ergonomics, wellness, mental health, and productivity in the workplace, whether from home or office, by visiting FlexiWellness Center here!

Keep your storage options stylish

Keeping tidy does not have to mean tedious or monotonous approaches. Simple solutions such as woven baskets or bins for keeping small supplies, floating shelves to keep objects off the desk, and footstools that double as storage are fantastic ways to keep clutter out of sight while also appearing attractive.


With all of the effort and order that Virgo enjoys, they may often forget to look after the most essential person in their lives – themselves! But, in this fast-paced, digital age, we all require self-care. We can't be our best selves if we're exhausted, so light some candles, take a warm bath, order your favorite cuisine, or binge-watch your favorite show or read that book that's been lying on your coffee table. Enjoy some alone time!

When looking for decorating ideas and suggestions, it's easy to fall into the trap of following the script and replicating a room you've seen someone do. While looking for inspiration is wonderful, your practical tendency may lead you to focus on building a perfect space rather than a personalized one. Whatever style you choose for your workspace, the most important thing to remember is that it should reflect your individuality.