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Are Desk Bikes Too Noisy for the Office?

21 April 2022

I recently wrote an article on noise pollution and its effects on our body system. In the same article, I talked about how people with heart conditions respond to noise—backing it up with citations of studies that reported cases of death.

Today, many workplaces have called workers to return to the office again. The rollout of vaccines has been widespread that prompted companies to safely return their employees to the office. Now that things are slowly easing up into a new kind of normal, the question about the routine and lifestyle of workers enters the picture. After more than years of the pandemic, has it changed for the better? Are employees now more concerned about their health and therefore have chosen healthier lifestyles? Regardless of your answer to the question, we wanted to promote living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in working in the office. We wanted to advocate for sound-safe spaces, workplaces that don’t create that much noise that will be distracting to colleagues. Let’s begin the discussion:

Possible Scenario in The Office

I. The Possible Scenario in The Office:

As employees return to the office, a “new normal” is beginning to form. This entails a lot of adjustments for every employee and workplace, especially since many have already eased into a work-from-home setup for over a year. They are already accustomed to a small workspace wherein they had little to no interaction with other co-workers. The home ambiance is very much different from an office set-up, all things considered. The changes that might happen include:

1. Employees have to adjust their schedules, needing to wake up earlier and allot time for commute now that they’re reporting to the office. The same goes when going home after a day at the office. Breaks within the day also have to be adjusted.

2. System changes in the office must be implemented. It would be challenging for some to adjust to but compliance is a must and they would gradually be accustomed to it. Nonetheless, challenges must be anticipated including the following:

3. New work schedules and other important reminders should be given accordingly.

4. Health protocols must be strictly observed during the transition phase. The good news is that many people across states and around the world have already been vaccinated but there are still some people who are fearful of acquiring COVID-19.

5. Employees must help companies ensure their safety by living healthy lifestyles. We can avoid developing COVID-19 if we have a strong immune system. You don’t want to be exposed to office bacteria, viruses, and germs when your immune system is weak. But the fact remains that work can get busy and stressful. When it does, how could one develop and maintain a stronger immune system despite having a full work schedule? Here are your options:

Ways to Develop A Stronger Immune System

II. Ways to Develop A Stronger Immune System:

Things might be easing up today but coronavirus is still very much around. It still poses a threat to everyone’s health, especially to those who have to work outside the home every day again. There are even countries like India where cases are still rising. Many are dying with cadavers left in open spaces and burned. Some are even left floating in the river. The virus is still relentlessly making its dread felt across the globe every day. This is why it is everyone’s responsibility, no matter where you are and where you come from, to follow strict health guidelines and practices. We listed down some tips on how to maintain a healthy immune system:

1. Do not smoke and drink moderately.

You shorten your lifespan when you pick up cigarettes and alcohol. You double the risk of developing a respiratory illness when you are a chain smoker. A weak respiratory system makes you susceptible to viruses including COVID-19. It might provide you relief at present, but in the long run, it is much better that you drop these vices.

2. Eat healthy foods and avoid those with high sugar.

Compared to sweet and salty food, healthy food are regarded as bland or unappealing to the taste by some people. But recipes have grown through the years and have proven that healthy food is also delicious. When you switch to healthy choices, you get a sufficient dose of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen the immune system.

3. Take vitamins and supplements rich in Vitamin D and to help boost the immune system.

Supplements and vitamins that are rich in Vitamin D and C will protect a person from germs, bacteria, and viruses by making him or her healthy. You will have a stronger respiratory system and stronger bones.

4. Keep an uptime even at work when you use the best standing deskmate, the Under Desk Bike V9U:

Not only will you have a good physique, but you also boost your immune system while working productively and transitioning from a home office to an actual one.

Since you'll be working physically with more people once you return to the office, one concern about the Under Desk Bike V9U is the noise that it will make. People need peace and quiet to concentrate on paperwork and meetings in the office. So they want to know that if they use this desk bike from Flexispot, will it be causing noise in the workplace that would disrupt others? We discuss below the features of the Under Desk Bike.

Under Desk Bike V9U

III. The Best Standing Desk Mate:

The Under Desk Bike V9U is considered the best standing desk mate because of its incredible features including:

1. Good mobility:

The V9U comes with easy-rolling, quiet casters that are easy to move around your workspace. No one gets disturbed when choosing your office workout spot.

2. Height-adjustable seat:

It’s easy to adjust the seat’s height based on your preference. User-friendly, this bike would assist you as you cycle and work on your screen projects.

3. Whisper-quiet feature:

You can cycle and work at the same time without causing disturbance to your colleagues. One of the best features of the V9U is that your colleagues won’t even notice that you are already cycling. You get to enjoy a workout that’s hassle-free and would help boost your immune system and reduce noise pollution.

Since we’re just starting to ease back into working in the office, it still definitely poses a lot of challenges. Statistics show that millions of people still get infected and eventually die from Covid-19. Aside from getting vaccinated, one of the ways we could protect ourselves is by having a stronger immune system. You should be determined to be healthier—one of the antidotes to this deadly virus.