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Boost Your Creativity with a Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B

07 May 2021

Creativity is innate and a special skill that not everyone has been gifted with it. But if you want to be creative, it is possible. You just have to work for it. Creativity does not focus itself on drawing or painting. Creativity as some people say is the ability to produce new ideas and possibilities that may be used for different purposes such as communication, entertainment, and making solutions to different problems.

Qualities of a Creative Individual

There are certain qualities that a creative person possesses such as the following:

● They are smart and at the same time innocent

● They could be display humility and being proud at the same time

● They could be playful and at the same time observe discipline

● They are energetic but most of the time silent and still

● They are thought to act independently and at times rebellious

If you have some of these qualities, there is a possibility that you are creative. Then let your creative juices flow! Do something to enhance it and flaunt what you’ve got. Try to focus on yourself, maybe meditate for a few minutes to see the inner you. All of us have those innate qualities that we can be proud of in the future. Rediscover yourself and listen to your inner self. Try to be mindful of the interests that have not been explored by you and those close to you.

How to Develop Creativity

I was looking for good research material online and found one which is informative and credible in the development of creativity (Sternberg., R. and Williams, W.M.). The authors have discussed one of the interesting topics particularly about the development of creativity by “applying and balancing” three abilities which are enumerated as follows| 

● Synthetic ability – the ability to bring about innovative and interesting ideas.

                                           The creative thinker can make relationships among things that 

                                          people do not see at once.

● Analytic ability- is similar to critical thinking ability. this ability is about being able to analyze and evaluate ideas

● Practical Ability - ability to "translate theory into practice and abstract ideas into practical accomplishments." When a person is creative, he has that practical ability to convince other people that an idea is good.”

According to the authors, these three abilities must be balanced so that creativity is developed in totality. If a creative person has only one of these three abilities, the person may not be able to use the other two abilities which is the whole being of creativity.

Benefits of Being Creative

When you come to realize that you are creative in such a way that you can produce new ideas for yourself and others, you will suddenly realize that there is more to know and to benefit from being a creative individual. 

● If you are creative, you feel a sense of freedom. You can express yourself in different mediums such as the arts, visual or painting, sculpture, and so on. There is that independence to share your thought with others through several means. It could also be through writing, videos, and other mediums.

● Creativity also helps you to enhance self-awareness and expression that will help to develop your character and be more expressive of your thoughts

● Creativity is a stress reliever – through self-expression and communication, you can share your feelings with others and it makes you feel more comfortable and happier.

● When you are creative, you can think of practical ideas that could solve your problems and others as well.

Training yourself to have the three abilities and balance them with boost and enhance your creativity which is beneficial to you and may also be with other people.

Writing, drafting, fashion design, and other creative skills that you have, you can always have the opportunity to develop those skills as long as you are committed and serious about enhancing them. Today, almost everything is possible. Modern technology has made it possible for people to generate more ideas, innovations, and creativity to improve their lives. Ergonomically designed home office furniture is manufactured for us to work comfortably in our workstations or take the time to enhance our creative talents.

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that is perfect for enhancing your writing, drafting, designing, or drawing, you have to visit FlexiSpot. There is one piece of furniture that suits your creative needs. The Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B is a perfect choice.

Great Features of the Height Adjustable Drafting Table

● Sitting or standing postures are possible because it is height adjustable.

                        Excessive sitting makes one sedentary that could cause pain

                              , especially in the lumbar region. Adjusting the height prevents


● Tiltable Tabletop. The tabletop can be tilted from 0 degrees to 40 degrees as needed

                            for your work or for enhancing your creative talents 

● Safety Ledge Stopper- the desktop has a ledge at the bottom to prevent your things

                                or whatever you’re working on from sliding off at any desktop angle of

                                 your choice

● Expandable Desktop – it has a drop leaf design that can be extended for more space and foldable for smaller space. The desk expands 9.8” for more


● Spacious integrated drawer - the desktop has a pull-out drawer for your storage needs 

                                                               such as office supplies, art supplies, and other objects

                                                               essential to your work and creative endeavor

● Height Programmable Control Panel – there are four memory programs to program up to four (4) different sit/stand heights. By pressing a button,

                                                             you can the height of the table for your preferred posture

                                                             on a LED display.

This drafting table is perfectly made for your creative minds. It will inspire you to allow your creative juices to flow naturally. On the other hand, if you choose to work and finish your workload for the day, you will be able to do it efficiently because the table supports your every need for comfortable working. Thus, you are enjoying your work as well as increasing your productivity and leveling up your creativity.