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Celebrate FlexiSpot's Standiversary By Purchasing a Discounted Standing Desk

22 September 2021

Are you fed up with working at the same unreliable desk? There is a solution that can provide you with a fresh new experience no matter where you work. Working from home has become increasingly popular in light of recent incidents. 

As a result, people are looking for new and inventive ways to work from home. Standing desks have become increasingly popular as a result of this.

Because of that, FlexiSpot has to heed your call. As they celebrate the standiversary event, there are lots of discounts and unique offers waiting for you. Do not miss this chance to get yourself the standing desk of your dreams.

There are many discounted standing desk offers on Flexispot.com, and you can get up to 40% discounts starting September 27th to the 29th.

In this article, we recommend the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL. Before we dive into this excellent and high-quality standing desk, let us discuss why getting an innovative desk like this matters.

height adjustable standing desk e2al

Sedentary Jobs Brought the Rise of Standing Desks

Many of us now sit for more than eight hours each day, and this number usually grows to ten hours or more as we get older. Considering our regular habits, such as sitting at our computers and driving, it's not surprising. Our bodies were not designed to sit static for lengthy periods, which is the fundamental concern here.

Sitting for long periods is terrible for our health and well-being. Sitting for lengthy periods can cause neck pain, herniated discs, muscle degeneration, and weakened bones, to name a few issues.

Help reduce these symptoms while also providing your body with all of the related health benefits by implementing a standing desk into your workstation. 

Switching between standing and sitting postures can assist your body in coping with the physical stress it is experiencing. It keeps you engaged at work all day, allowing you to be more productive.

height adjustable standing desk e2al

Everything You Need to Know About the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL

This is unlike any other standing desk. It contains many characteristics, including an intelligent design and functionalities. It can lift and carry up to 220 pounds.

It has a self-leveling system, operates quietly, and has a sit-stand reminder. It includes smooth adjustments for ease of use and comfort when you are using it. Not to mention the fact that it comes in three different frame colors.

Introducing Our Newest Model That Has a Built-In Self-Leveling System

Introducing Our Newest Model That Has a Built-In Self-Leveling System

The high-quality dual motors in the standing desks provide more robust and stable movement in seconds while going up and down and supporting up to 220 lbs. of weight capacity to help you get through your day at work.

By combining revolutionary functions at a low price, this standing desk provides a wonderful ergonomic sit-stand workplace experience and improves your efficiency and comfort.

Dual-Motor Frame

Dual-Motor Frame

Intelligent enough to adjust to an uneven surface of up to 13.8" between legs for additional desk layout versatility. This desk will remain straight, robust, and durable, ensuring comfort when working from home, whether placed on the floor, carpet or partially on a raised platform.

Advanced Keypad All-in-One

Advanced Keypad All-in-One

You can easily save your favorite seated, standing, and under-desk cycling heights with three programmed presets. Additionally, you can see your exact desk height on the energy-efficient LED display, which goes into sleep mode to save power when the desk is not in use. 

You can also set up activity alerts to remind you to sit or stand at regular intervals, or you can turn them off entirely if necessary.

High-Quality and Environmentally Friendly Desktop

High-Quality and Environmentally Friendly Desktop

Choose between 0.7 and 0.7 "Combine thick ecologically friendly bamboo, several shades of sustainable medium-density fiberboard, and chipboard to create your home office desk.

With a wide range of color and size options, you can be confident that you will be able to find the right top for your needs while also feeling good about opting for the ecologically friendly option.

FlexiSpot's Intricate Design for this Standing Desk

FlexiSpot's Intricate Design for this Standing Desk

Because FlexiSpot's objective and mission is to provide comfort to professionals through ergonomic products, this standing desk has gone through extensive testing and quality assurance. The Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL is a fully adjustable desk that delivers excellent value for your money.

The remaining components of the desk, such as the motor, frame, and other mechanisms, are likewise covered by a five-year warranty. The switch, electronics, and controller are all covered by a two-year contract.

Why are Standing Desks Important?

Sit-stand desks are not only beneficial in the long run, but they are also beneficial in the months ahead. Workers who stand more have more incredible energy and focus because standing helps minimize the harmful accumulation of carbohydrates and fats in their blood.

So, if this article has piqued your interest in acquiring this ergonomic equipment, why not leap and try it out for yourself? Go to FlexiSpot's website now.

FlexiSpot is Dedicated to Their Products

FlexiSpot is Dedicated to Their Products

Nothing compares to FlexiSpot's meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the manufacturing of its products. Like this one, your ergonomic standing desk has probably gotten a lot of love and attention.

The goal of the organization is to encourage staff to live better lifestyles. With this standing desk, you can do just that. You are closer to reaching your goals than you have ever been.

This blog should not be taken lightly because such events are significant. We propose this standing desk since we understand and sympathize with your situation, and you are not obligated to work conventionally and traditionally.

The Key to a More Active Lifestyle is a Standing Desk

The objective is to create standing intervals that get longer and longer over time. Start cautiously by standing for a few minutes before sitting for the same amount of time.

There are no hard and fast rules here, and there is no set number of minutes for each interval. What you should focus on is increasing your standing time at your stand-up workplace gradually.

For the first time in your life, you will be able to stand for more than half an hour without feeling anything. That is the objective you must achieve.

The FlexiSpot Standiversary

The FlexiSpot Standiversary

So you've been on the lookout for a standing desk of your liking, but you lack the financial resources to purchase one? Then do not pass up this fantastic opportunity to acquire a standing desk.

With all of these exciting discounts and sales, now is the time to treat yourself and make a financial investment in your health. You can live a healthier life and better incorporate ergonomics into your life with FlexiSpot's Standiversary

The event will take place from September 27th to September 29th.