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Common Challenges of Working from Home

25 August 2021

It is not easy to deal with the difficulties of remote work. People who began working from home about a year ago should know that adjusting to this new schedule takes a significant amount of time. 

Even though 90 percent of companies plan to implement remote work and allow their workers to work from home shortly, hybrid working appears to be an encouraging trend in the workplace.

A hybrid work environment is intended to provide employees with the convenience and freedom to work from home, but it also helps the company save money and space. 

Sure, working remotely has its drawbacks, and problems with working from home have overwhelmed a large portion of the workforce, but that does not mean the hybrid work paradigm is not here to stay. 

After all, with the appropriate approach and strategic preparation, any issue can be overcome.

Workplace Hybrid

It is normal to wonder what a hybrid workforce is and how it works. To answer this question once and for all, a mixed crew mixes in-house and remote workers who are typically allocated various work cycles in the office and remotely. 

The hybrid workforce approach is designed to help employees who are constrained for one reason and have difficulty getting to work.

This working model has numerous advantages over a traditional workplace, including cost and time savings. This also allows employees and prospects who are separated by great distances to communicate and discuss crucial issues.

Though making the shift to this new work environment is not as simple as it sounds, there are some solutions to overcome the hybrid remote work problems.

Remote Working's Challenges

Do you recall the last time you dressed up from your PJs and went to a formal meeting? Introverts appreciate some of the benefits of remote working. Sure, if you miss discussing work-life balance with your coworkers, then remote work may be difficult for you. Aside from the gossip session, there are many other issues to contend with throughout the move to remote working.

Woman working from home at the computer on the sofa

Here are some of the most typical issues you or your workers may face in a remote office.

1. Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

This is one of the most typical issues with remote work. Have you ever noticed that your supervisor calls you at odd hours? 

The pattern you follow while working remotely is not the same for everyone, which is why you could be annoyed when your employer calls or texts you at strange hours. However, it was assumed that employees would work fewer hours from home, but this is not the case.

Because of the hybrid work schedule, many employees say that they have entirely lost their work-life balance. This is a severe problem, significantly if your family time is being jeopardized because you sit in front of the computer for lengthy periods, and it is also bad for your health.

Whether you have the ideal gear, internet connection, or home office setting, it is critical to get out of that chair at least once a day. 

Maintain a strict work schedule and leave the office as soon as the jobs are completed. Rather than procrastinating, it is preferable to finish your task on time and spend the rest of your time with your family.

2. Managing Your Time

The identical task that may be completed in hours at work takes at least three hours at home. For folks who have transitioned to working from home, this is a regular observance. 

Part of the reason for this small work problem is the numerous distractions and duties of home life. You cannot just put everything aside and focus on your work while the kids make chaos in the rear.

If you are ambitious, consider using time tracking software, which allows you to log time spent on various tasks or types of work. Make a calendar for yourself that you can keep, regardless of how you manage your time.

Workplace time management is complex, especially in the early stages, so you must be strategic with your approach. Aside from your teammates' announced plan, make sure to choose practices that interest you.

3. Isolation

People who were not prepared for this huge life change showed signs of depression. Loneliness is a severe remote work difficulty, and for many who live in a bad home environment, our work may be their only way out. 

On the other hand, people who live alone and consider their coworkers or work friends to be their family, on the other hand? Loneliness, on the other hand, is likely to be a significant issue for them.

Make sure you spend a few minutes each day conversing with your coworkers or other friends to combat the loneliness of working from home. Attempting to have a virtual coffee session and discussing the events of the day can let you all experience the same bond that you and your employees sorely lack.

4. Communication Within the Team

Working from home, no matter what good tools you use or how well-planned your work hours are, there will always be a lag in cross-functional communication. 

Not everyone will have constant access to the internet, and some employees may not even have technologically capable gadgets. Employees become frustrated due to this obstacle, which causes them to lose sight of the project.

It is critical to ensure that each employee has sufficient preparation to meet the project's needs. Before transitioning to a hybrid work style, the organization must ensure that some loaning or leasing procedures are in place.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

How to Overcome the Obstacles of Remote Work

The difficulties of remote working were foreseen long before they became a reality. The good news? There are numerous tactics and recommendations for overcoming the challenges of remote working. 

Slowly implementing this shift, keeping all employees on board, and focusing on the long-term vision are just a few hurdles. Still, the deep-seated issues can be addressed with an intelligent hybrid workforce model.

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