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Ergonomic Tools For Workaholics

27 September 2022

The concept of ergonomics has everything to do with design, whether it's keyboards, office furniture, or industrial tools. An ergonomic design looks at the human body and its environmental interaction. It allows the human body to work more efficiently and productively while reducing discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury. There have been several changes in the workspace dynamics ever since the pandemic befell the world, but some things haven't changed since the invention of work- people who live by the mantra of "sleep, eat, work, and repeat.” Such people refuse to take sick leave even when they are unwell because work is their life for them. We have all seen workaholics at least at some point in our daily working lives, and they hardly ever realize how dangerous it can get when you are a workaholic.

Many workaholics are guilty of working long hours and fail to focus on their health most of the time. While the traditional workweek is 40 hours, several people nowadays have workweeks that go past 40 hours. Some of the reasons for this can be an overload of emails, being short-staffed, and failure to create barriers while working remotely, among other things. Studies reveal that working more than 55 hours can be attributed to coronary artery disease, a condition of recurring chest discomfort or pain, and stroke. Educating workaholics on the importance of balancing life and work is necessary by enlightening them on the dangers of workaholism. Also, if one is forced to work long hours, there are ergonomic tools that one can use to make their work and life easier and healthier.

Here are the dangers of working too much

It is one thing to pull a long day to finish a project or deal with issues occasionally; however, it is another to make it a routine to remain at the office or work into the night. It is known as chronic overwork, and it can negatively impact your happiness, health, and overall quality of life. Overworking is one of those things everyone knows is not suitable for us, but very few people listen. Further research over the years has shown the impacts of overworking, such as health problems and a negative influence on a company's productivity and profits. The dangers of working too much include;

It prevents sleep

Studies show that working too late or too much can negatively impact sleep, whether staring into your computer for long hours or not having enough time to unwind before hitting the day. Avoiding sleep can cause you to build up a "sleep debt," which means your energy will be overdrawn for days until you get the required amount of sleep—chronic sleep debt results in an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and stroke. In the short term, less sleep can significantly impact the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in memory creation and consolidation.

Results in back and neck aches

We all know that repetition isn’t always good. Research from the occupational and environmental medicine journal showed that the more hours people spent working, the greater the risk they faced of back and neck pain. It found that for men, the pain tends to show up in the lower back, while for women, it's in the neck. Neck and back pain from overworking can be caused by muscle tension. People risk back and neck pain from overworking, even using ergonomic work tools. For instance, ergonomic chairs have been made to avoid body strains, but when you sit on the chair all day, you may be at risk of suffering from pain. Identical to standing desks which should help you alternate between standing and sitting, you risk having neck, back, and leg injuries when you overwork and forget to alternate between standing and sitting.

Lowers productivity

You already know that overworking results in exhaustion. Exhaustion and stress can make it very difficult to do what needs to be done in a modern office, such as interpersonal communications, reading people, making judgment calls, and managing your emotional reactions and co-workers. When you fail to handle such tasks, including moods, you will most likely be unable to be productive. Office mood and communication are essential to the profitability and productivity of a company, and this becomes difficult to achieve when the office is full of workaholics.

It interferes with proper practices.

Working too much can significantly affect the brain and the body in two ways; boosting stress and getting in the way f exercise, eating healthy, and other good habits. For instance, when you are exhausted, you tend to rely more on caffeine to get through the day and consequently make unhealthy food choices with less exercise. Reports from the Cleveland clinic show that stress caused by overworking or lack of sleep can lead to poor diet choices. Overworking slows activities in the brain areas responsible for ranking food based on what we need and want. Poor food choices can result in weight gain over time, among other health effects.

Now that you understand the dangers of being a workaholic, you should know what to do if you fall under this bracket or know someone who does. Workaholism can be dealt with, but it isn't such an easy thing to do. Above everything else, you should be committed to achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life. You should be mindful of your health while working by living an active life. Here are some ergonomic tools to help you achieve an active, healthy working life.

Ergonomic tools for workaholics

Anti-fatigue mat

Very few people like to be on their feet while working. If standing desks keep you productive, don’t let your willpower for productivity take a toll on the posture of your back. An anti-fatigue mat is essential for workaholics who spend most of their time standing by desks. It results in subconscious movement, massage, and stretching and doesn't distract you from working. We recommend the Flexispot standing desk anti-fatigue mat MT1, which is easy to clean and can be used at work and in the kitchen to prevent straining and keep you productive.

Desk plant

Workaholics who lack great olfactory senses could benefit from desk plants and succulents. Desk plants calm you and help boost creativity and productivity. Not only have desk plants proved suitable for workaholics, but they also purify the air around us. So if you or your work-loving mate can relax and breathe fresh air while working and enhancing their creativity, they will be thankful for making their work a little bit easier.

Desk bike

Many workaholics spend less time exercising, and we all know how essential exercises are to our overall health. With several people working more than 40 hours per week, it might be challenging to fit exercises into your daily routine. A desk bike is ergonomic stationery that brings the gym into your office. Most of them contain a padded deck that allows you to place your laptop and continue working, playing games, or even surfing the web, and you can do all of these as you pedal away the calories in your body. It has been designed in a way that allows you to pedal quietly without disturbing your workmates. A desk bike will help improve mood, blood circulation, and digestion, making it one of the best time-saving ergonomic tools for workaholics.

Standing desk

Times have changed, and standing desks have become increasingly popular. As more and more people realize the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, people have started preferring standing desks due to the health benefits that come with them. A standing desk is exactly what a workaholic needs because most might immerse themselves in work and forget to change positions from standing to sitting, leading to body strain and injuries. Flexispot manufactures standing desks that are height adjustable, allowing you to switch the desk to various positions and heights depending on your comfortability. Researchers have studied the benefits of standing desks and found that they improve productivity and are suitable for your overall physical health. One of my favorite standing desks is the Pro Plus E7 standing desk, which outperforms other standing desks with its features.

Ergonomic office chair

Workaholics might be victims of frequent back and neck pain due to sitting positions and long sitting hours. If you work so much, you should consider getting a comfortable chair that can prevent back and neck pain. A bad sitting posture causes several health issues. As a workaholic, you should use a chair that focuses on fixing your health and avoid traditional office chairs to avoid being a victim. We recommend the latest Ergonomic Office Chair BS7G, which has an elegant design and a 3d adjustable armrest to prevent arm and wrist injuries while spending more time behind your desk. It also has a breathable mesh which gives you a breathable sitting experience. Other Flexispot ergonomic chairs with a headrest protect you from neck and back injuries. If you are always spending so much time working, you better do it with a comfortable office chair for productivity and fewer health risks.

Workaholics need to balance work and personal life, and these tools help achieve that balance. Remember to give yourself a break now and then.