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Gift Guide 101: The Leather Chairs for Busy Dads

01 June 2021

The Hardworking Fathers:

They are usually quiet. They work the 9-5 and they make sure that they can finish their daily goals. They are the hardworking fathers that every family has. Thinking about the future of their families while they persevere to attain their goals for themselves. In this article, we will talk about how mothers and children could express their appreciation to the fathers in their ways. In today's discussion, we would talk about how we could appreciate their love and effort by suggesting a line of products that could be the best gift to them on their special day: Father's Day. With this, a leather chair may be the best recommendation. Now, let's take a look at how we could choose the best leather chair for our hardworking dads. 

How to Choose the Best Leather Chair

Choosing the best leather chair must not be limited to how soft the cushion is. It should also offer an ergonomic solution. We all know that men are more prone to body pain especially around the calves and spine. Hence, there are other factors to consider when we look for the best leather chair. Those factors are: 

● It should offer a good rocking function

The best leather chair should have a good rocking function. This is because it could protect the spine and lumbar of anyone who would sit on this ergo chair. It could give our dads the relaxing time that they deserve after long hours are work. The rocking function could stimulate blood circulation too without harming the spine or back of the person sitting on the ergo chair. 

● A good leather chair should have a sturdy metal base: 

A good leather chair is sturdy. It should be able to carry heavy weight without getting damaged. Just like the ergonomic leather chairs from Flexispot that you could rely on when looking for leather chairs that have a metal base. 

● A good leather chair has an efficient height adjuster and tension knobs:

This may help our dads adjust to their desired height without exerting much effort and twitching their bodies a lot. Hence, Flexispot's ergonomic leather chairs are the recommendable ones because these have the parts that could aid our fathers in adjusting the chair comfortably. 

● A good leather chair has a wide backrest and leg support:

If you're looking for this kind of chair, you must also consider the width and dimension of the product. Most dads have large legs and broad shoulders. These parts are prone to muscle pain, hence they need sufficient support so our fathers would be able to avoid such scenarios of severe body pain and spine strain. 

● A good leather chair is with a double-padded seat cushion.

Most leather chairs are massive in size, hence, most of them are double-padded because most people with a large-built body sit on them. Hence, for them to sit comfortably on this chair, the product should have a thick seat cushion so they would feel comfortable and would not feel the strain and sprain when they sit on that chair for a long time. 

So, these are the factors that we need to consider when buying the perfect leather chair for our fathers. This may also help us be guided in purchasing the next office equipment once we do the upgrade in the office. Now, in the next part of our discussion, we would walk you all through a guide on the leather chair products from Flexispot. These products could guide us and encourage us in choosing the right leather chair for our dads. The following ergonomic leather chairs from Flexispot are: 

● High Back Office Chair 2191E 

● Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

● Executive Leather Office Adjustable Tilt Angle Swivel Chair 286

High Back Office Chair 2191E

● 2191E is one of the most trustworthy ergonomic leather chair products in Flexispot. This office ergo chair is known for its:

● rocking function ranging from 90 degrees to 110 degrees: With this function, our dads could ensure that the neck, head, and spine would not get strained and would be relaxed with the given angles. 

● rocking pressure adjustor:

The rocking function is possible because of the pressure adjuster on this product. 

● seat height-adjustable:

This ergonomic leather chair could be easy to move and change the height range so it is easier to multitask at work. 

● thickly padded headrest:

This leather chair has a thickly padded headrest that makes it convenient to use the product because our dads could easily rest their heads and necks on the headrest when they take a break from work. 

● sturdy rolling casters:

The leather chair's rolling casters make it more convenient for the fathers to move the leather chair from one place to the other. 

So, we are done discussing the first example of a leather chair that we could choose as a gift for our dads. The second one is a big and tall ergonomic office chair. This is known as the: 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9051

● This ergonomic leather chair has a rocking function that ranges from 90 degrees up to 120 degrees. This function is bigger compared to the ergo chair mentioned above. So, if we got a tall dad, this may be recommendable for him. 

● This ergo chair has a thickly padded headrest that is helpful if one needs to take a nap or rest his eyes after a long shift at work. 

● This heavy-duty ergo chair has a heavy adjustor and title tension knob that helps one to adjust the height of the chair no matter how heavy-duty this product is. 

● This product weighs 51.9 pounds so with the help of the easy-rolling casters one could easily move it towards the wall during nap time. 

Moving on, let's have the last ergonomic leather chair that our dads may like to have at home or in the office.

Executive Leather Office Adjustable Tilt Angle Swivel Chair 286

● This ergonomic swivel chair has a double padded seat cushion that is ideal for fathers who have a large body frame. This is because they could manage to relax because of the high-density leather foam. 

● The height range of this product is from 18.9-22.48"

● Its seating area dimension is 19.7" in dimension and 21.7 in width. This wide dimension could give our fathers the easy time to relax and sit on it because it could follow well the curvature of their sit bone and their legs would be supported well too. 

Final Thoughts

The following features and functions could help the mothers and children choose the best gift for their fathers. They might not be expecting these hence they would get surprised and feel special on Father's Day. Thus, choosing these ergo chairs from Flexispot could help us make their day extra special.