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FlexiSpot: Genuinely Caring for Mother Earth

13 October 2021

Experts forecasted that more detrimental calamities would kill thousands of people, ten to twenty years from now. As proof, many countries, not just in Asia but also in Europe, experience climate changes that lead to significant flooding. In other parts of the globe, scientists fear that islands like Fiji and Maldives will submerge underwater in sixty years. 

These claims have scientific proof, and disaster data across the globe proves that the world is facing great danger because of global warming. Though it may sound frightening, there is still hope amidst the worldwide catastrophe that people face. Indeed, companies and non-profit organizations work hand-in-hand to help sustain the environment and contribute to reforestation. 


Deforestations and the Effects of the Loss of Trees

More than three decades have passed, and the earth has faced deforestation. In all the rainforests and jungles, illegal logging and depletion of non-renewable resources have impacted the forests. Indeed, it has created an impact of more than 70%. For many years, companies that didn't abide by laws continuously poached and consumed the resources in the forests. Consequently, a massive loss of trees took place. These companies did not mind depleting resources. Unfortunately, this act was disastrous. As a result, forests have lost many trees. These trees are the ones that hold flood water, but with the loss of these trees, flooding has reached the lower areas and killed thousands of people as a result. 

Hence, the forest must thrive again, and this act can save the lives of both animals and people. There is an ecosystem when there are trees in the woods because lives will thrive in the area, and many creatures will repopulate. In this case, global companies like FlexiSpot-the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks- step up in the game and contribute to reforestation. 

L-Shaped Standing Desk E4L

A Heroic Act

FlexiSpot takes an extra mile in saving the environment. You can take part in this endeavor. As part of their advocacy, FlexiSpot encourages users and subscribers to buy bamboo products from the company, such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desks, and L-Shaped Standing Desk E4L. When you purchase one of these bamboo products, the company will plant trees in the forest. You may have a certification showing that you have taken part in this program. It's a fulfilling thing to contribute, even in little ways. It's because your purchase is a new life for the forest. Indeed, this is a heroic act for FlexiSpot. It's because they can help the forest thrive again. 

The Partnership

The Partnership

In this tremendous battle, FlexiSpot has found a partner contributing to reforestation and bringing back life in forests. As they venture further on this endeavor, OneTreePlantedaids FlexiSpot in planting more trees in the woods. The company was able to plant 500 trees in British Columbia, in August this year. So, if there are more bamboo product purchases that clients like you make, FlexiSpot will produce more than a thousand trees in the next few years. So, participating in this act is a wise thing to do as a consumer because you don't just get the chance to purchase the best ergonomic product in the market. You can also help save the environment. 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

To Advocate for the Environment is Lifetime Mission

What's fantastic about the environmental programs that aim to save forests and plant more trees is that global companies show full support to obtain the goals of protecting the forests. 

As a way of following all the environmental policies and finding solutions to the environmental issues, there are a lot of global companies that share a mission of solving the problems of excessive usage of non-renewable sources and eliminating carbon footprints. 

In an online article (The Top 33 Companies for the Environment by Industry; April 2019) of JUST Capital, they discussed companies that turned to seeking renewable resources and reducing their carbon footprints. There are 33 global companies like FlexiSpot that have stopped the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Most of these companies sought to recycle materials that they could use for their products.

Some of these companies reduced carbon footprints by going green and tracking the number of solid wastes they incur when manufacturing products. They have wisely reused and reduced their operational waste, and some transformed these wastes into energy that supplied electricity to them during operations. So looking at the efforts that most companies across the globe make, you would see that there is still hope-a a silver lining that can bring a new tomorrow and a new face of manufacturing. 

And just like these companies, FlexiSpot also aims to attain zero-waste incurrence and the most negligible environmental impact. It may never be easy to save the environment because of different factors. 

Some companies and individuals do not abide by the law. They keep on wasting energy and are unwilling to reduce their waste or even recycle the materials they know could still be helpful. These individuals could not discipline themselves. The worst thing about it is every trash that they dump in the water system or on land would pile up. As a result, pollution takes a significant toll on the environment. Yet, despite these facts, there is still light at the end of the tunnel because companies like FlexiSpot do not stop finding alternatives and saving resources in creating magnificent products that can benefit many consumers in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Scientific studies show the worst effects of global warming may be frightening and life-threatening in the coming years. However, we see the efforts companies like FlexiSpot are making. Little by little, we could still achieve the fruits of these efforts, and we will still be able to surpass all the threats of global warming.

So, looking at the endeavor that FlexiSpot has started, we may see that this company is not just an ergonomic company that provides the best ergo products but also a brand that genuinely cares for the people and the environment.