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The Power of $5 During FlexiSpot's Standiversary

23 September 2021

There are many compelling reasons to go shopping at FlexiSpot (the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks) this Fall. Aside from the most sought-after ergonomic products such as the Kana Bamboo Standing DeskEsben Standing Desk UD5, and Soutien Ergonomic Chair at discounted prices during the FlexiSpot Standiversary, there are challenges and promos that will excite you.

The Power of $5

The Power of $5

At the FlexiSpot Standiversary, your $5 could save you more money! Yes, you heard it right. $5 has the Power to make you save more. At this exciting event, you can turn your $5 into $50. So, if you wish to save more for your grocery needs, you may try it at this event. 

The Amazing Things about Coupons

You may have coupons that can give you exciting discounts in the said event after a few days. Then, this discount is what you could use in purchasing items solely sold for the said coupon. Now, let us know how valuable coupons are for us buyers. 

a. Coupons Can Make You Value Savings

Aside from finding bargain prices and discounted prices, you start to value more every dollar you have. Whether it's a $5 or $1 discount, the important thing is you could save money. Indeed, it's the sense of fulfillment that you enjoy when achieving values. It's a satisfying feeling that when you go out of the shopping mall or check out items from an online shopping store, you're able to save at least $5 from the total price. 

b. Attaining Coupons Could Help You Become Patient

In most online shopping gateways, there are a hundred online games and activities that would let you have the chance to slash and get discounts. These activities usually take a long time before you earn a $50 or $75 coupon, but the time you spend waiting in achieving the coupons lets you become patient, and once you finally earn the coupon, you start wanting to get more. It's not just the savings you'd like to have but the satisfying feeling you get from saving coupons. 

c. Coupons Make You Try New Life Hacks

When you start trying to earn coupons, you learn some new life hacks, such as sending online invites to 100 persons to reach a specific value for the coupon or answering more surveys to get the voucher you like. Indeed, when you want to achieve the best savings for your dream product, you will do everything to earn the coupon that you need. 

So, these are the fantastic things about coupons. Indeed, coupons can make your shopping more rewarding, just like the Turn your $5 to $50 event at the Anniversary. So, let us know why this event can make your shopping more rewarding. 

Steps to Follow

Steps to Follow 

As we move along, we'll see how this event will run and how you can get the best buy out of the coupon you may have. The following are the steps that you must follow to achieve the discounted price for your dream product. 

1. Deposit the $5

From September 20-26, you can deposit $5 to get the $50 discount. You can have a discounted price for any of the following three products that you can avail using the coupon:

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL: a standing desk is known for its self-lifting system and sturdy steel frames. 
Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad: a gaming desk known for the astounding cable management system
Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01: a bike trainer stand that has 330lb-capacity. 

2. Check Your Email

You were checking your email in the next step. You must check your email to see the voucher code there, and it's the code you will use once you do the Transaction. So, save it and don't forget it during the purchase. 

3. Redeem the Code and Use it

From September 27-29, you may finally use the code to get the $50 discount when buying each of the following products under this promo. So, in just less than three days, you may purchase your dream product from FlexiSpot. 

So, once you follow the mechanics of this event, you may be able to save more money for other purchases that you want to make on the Anniversary. Indeed, September is your lucky month, especially if you are a WFH-person that wants to have a home office upgrade. You can undoubtedly find the most suitable product for you at this event.

5 into 50

The Practicality of the $50 Coupon

You might not think at first that the $50 is a big discount, but in reality, you can be in cloud nine once you claim the voucher and apply the code on your Transaction. It's because, after the discounted purchase, you may still have extra money to try the other products at the Anniversary event. 

You can choose more from the Standing desks and ergonomic chairs at great discounts at the Anniversary. Indeed, you can check other desks like the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk, which will be $499.99 from September 27-29. Its original price was $539.99! You can also check Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk Glass Top, which you could buy at the cost of 389.99 dollars from September 27-29, which has the original price of $499.99. So, looking at the other products that will be on sale at the Standiversary, the coupon you may avail of this week can help you save more when you wait for the anniversary event by next week. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it's a $50-discount or a $100 discount, coupons and vouchers are helpful for subscribers and users like you because you can save a lot when you go shopping. When you take chances like this, you help yourself have more time to set your budget and make the most out of your shopping. Most of all, you can help promote the business and share their best products with other people when you share events like the Anniversary of Flexispot. 

So, join the fun now and grab the most exciting treats!