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Compliment Your Standing Desk Properly

26 September 2021

Office workers face fewer occupational hazards compared to field or assembly line workers. But that doesn’t imply that office work is all roses. They are still prone to a few work-related injuries, including repetitive strain injuries, occasional trips, slips, falls, and dings from equipment and furniture.

To address such hazards, you need to consider 2 factors. First, you need to ensure that the office space is free of clutter. The next step involves equipping your office space with ergonomic furniture. Since you're reading this, it’s safe to assume you’ve heard of the marvels of a standing desk.

We’d also like to assume that you went ahead and acquired one. You don’t have one yet? We’ll ensure that by the end of this article, it ranks first on your to-do list. Please read along as we share the best ways to enhance your sit and stand desk with our fine selection of accessories.

What Accessories Do You Need To Set Up a Functional Standing Desk?

What Accessories Do You Need to Set Up a Functional Standing Desk? 

Patience, persistence, and encouragement are essential ingredients in the process of breaking free from “bad habits.” One of these poor habits is excessive sitting. This problem is particularly challenging when you have one of the best ergonomic chairs. 

Fortunately, you can get a sit and stand desk that encourages you to periodically break away from this poor habit. The best-in-class Adjustable Standing Desk comes with an advanced control panel that eases you out of your seat. This well-lit LED display allows you to program 3 memory height presets. You also get a friendly alert that reminds you that you’ve been seated too long and that it’s time to get up. 

Here are a few tips on how to set up your standing desk for optimal functionality:

A Flexible Monitor Mount

A Flexible Monitor Mount 

Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain as you work? The truth is that how you position your monitor greatly contributes to this pain, especially if the pain gets progressively worse during the day. The best way to address this pain is to have the center of the screen directly in front of you at eye level. 

If it’s too low or high, you have to raise or lower your chin. Turning your head to face the screen also has punitive consequences on your body. Getting a monitor mount ensures you can work while maintaining natural posture, which goes a long way towards reducing eye and muscle strain.

Our single-monitor mount features a fully adjustable monitor arm. It rises to a maximum height of 15.75 inches. And, you can also rotate the mount 360 degrees while extending it outwards to about 20 inches. This level of control gives you the freedom to position your screen in a way that enhances your productivity.  

A Modern Table Lamp

A Modern Table Lamp 

Your monitor’s positioning is not the only thing that can cause eye strain. Your lighting options also come into play. That’s why there’s a sustained push for fewer (if none) fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs in the workspace. Today, more homes, offices, and commercial spaces are switching to LED lights.

LED lights conserve electricity, are easier on your eyes, and they create a nicer ambiance. You can leverage such benefits by opting for our Modern Table Lamp. It packs modern convenience in a classic frame. You also get decent illumination despite the fact that it doesn’t take up too much space on your standing desk.

Ergonomic Office Chair for Standing Desk

Ergonomic Office Chair 

Overindulgence in anything can be dangerous. It helps to break from standing especially if you have to endure an +8 hour standing work shift. Otherwise, your thighs and other lower extremities can easily get inflamed.

Even the strongest among us can’t stand all day. Taking occasional breaks helps you replenish your energy so that you can maintain focus. Getting an Ergonomic Office Chair for your Standing Desk can help you stay ahead of the problem. 

These chairs come in all shapes, sizes and can match the stylish needs of even the choosiest people. The standing desk & office chair combo is tailor-made to seamlessly handle intermittent sitting/standing at a fraction of the cost.

Easy-To-Clamp Keyboard Tray

Easy-To-Clamp Keyboard Tray

It’s easier and more comfortable to use keyboards when they are at the same height as your elbows. This positioning ensures that you have the optimal elevation to comfortably operate the keys and mouse. It also reduces the strain you endure while at work. However, this can be challenging to achieve while using a standing desk.

Straining while using your computer peripherals can cause carpal tunnel syndrome or what people avidly call mouse or keyboard hands. The good news is that you can reduce such strain with a Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray. This accessory is easy to install. They allow you to address your auxiliary devices’ ergonomic concerns whether you’re standing or sitting. The result: you don’t have to reposition your keyboard every time you switch from sitting or standing.

An Adjustable CPU Holder

Using a standing desk comes with some inherent risks. Chief among them is the best spot to position your PC or dropping it whenever the desk raises or lowers. You want to stay fit and healthy, but you also don’t want to shut down your computer when switching positions.

So, how can you rectify this pickle of a situation? Well, you could spring for An Adjustable CPU Holder. This accessory not only allows you to clamp CPUs of various forms and scales beneath your desk but also comes with protective padding that absorbs any mechanical shock that can damage your computer.

What Accessories Can Help You Reduce the Clutter in Your Workspace? 

Standing desks can revolutionize productivity in the workplace. But, all revolutions require a sustainable cultural shift to prove effective. The primary problem here is that acquiring a standing desk also forces you to reorganize your office layout. Otherwise, you’d have to move files and other tools around whenever you sit or stand. The following accessories make such concerns a thing of the past:

Mobile File Cabinets

Mobile File Cabinets

Organization is a core aspect of productivity. It’s hard to maintain a steady rate of workflow if your files are in disarray. For instance, walking to a filing cabinet every time you need to view or collate the data on a file is counter-productive. 

That’s where mobile file cabinets come in to save the day. The biggest sell is that this cabinet rolls on casters. This feature allows you to move it with ease to different workstations or departments.

It’s also lockable, so your documents are safe from the prying eyes of unauthorized personnel. It’s also a bit on the small minimalistic side, so it won’t take much to blend in with your style and allocated space.   

An Under Desk Drawer

An Under Desk Drawer

Office stationery has a tendency to clutter your desk. This may not be much of an issue if you prefer building a “creative pile.” However, standing desks present a challenge. You run the risk of dropping pens, staples, and other bits of stationery every time you adjust from a reclined to an upright posture.

An Under desk drawer eliminates such anxieties and adds more storage space. You can clamp one beneath your standing desk without the need for a drill or any other special tools. It also comes with a lock. So, you can lock up your personal effects whenever you step away from your desk.

A Cable Management Tray

A Cable Management Tray

Cables create the type of clutter that makes your space a dangerous place to work. They get tangled, occupy a vast amount of space, and are an ever-present tripping hazard. Unfortunately, most of the technology we use relies on cables to access power sources and data networks. So, elimination is out of the question.

Luckily, you can use a cable management tray to reign in such chaos. This accessory keeps all your cables neatly routed and prevents them from tangling. The tray is easy to install and a sure way to shore up your ergonomics and improve the organization of electronic devices.

How Can You Reduce Fatigue While Working at a Standing Desk?

According to a report by medical news today standing for too long can have adverse effects on your health. It reduces blood flow to your muscles, which accelerates fatigue and aches to the muscles that line your spine and extremities. It’s also an outlier for varicose veins, elevated blood pressure, and heart-related illnesses.

This begs the question: are standing desks harmful to your health?

Well, the answer is a resounding “NO.” The focus of the study was the effects of standing in one place without flexing your muscles or taking a break. However, pairing your standing desk with the following accessories helps you reduce the level of pressure.

An Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat

An Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat

Working while standing may not be as frustrating as queuing at the bank or grocery store. But, it can be as boring and tedious if not done properly. The main reason for this is your feet rest on a hardpan surface for too long.

Such surfaces challenge the orthopedic support offered by your footwear. Sure, getting a new pair of orthopedic insoles or footwear can help resolve the issue, but nobody likes wearing the same shoes every day.

So, what’s the solution? Getting a quality anti-fatigue mat! This accessory provides an additional layer of support and comfort. But, don’t merely go for any run-of-the-mill anti-fatigue mat. Ensure it’s thick, skid-resistant, and has multiple massage points to enhance blood flow while reducing the stress exerted on your bare feet.

An Under Desk Bike

An Under Desk Bike

We all wish we had the time to hit the gym for longer stretches. But, that’s usually a hurdle for most office workers. An under desk bike offers an excellent way of adding some exercise into the mix. This can improve your blood circulation while helping you reach your calorie expenditure goals.

It features a comfortable bike seat so you can take a break while getting some exercise. The height adjustment pairs well with a standing desk, and it comes with casters so various employees can share it across diverse workstations with added ease.

Organizational Tips for Standing Desk Accessories

These standing desk accessories are an excellent place to start. But, they won’t solve all the issues you face while trying to be more organized.

The following times will help you infuse more productivity into your workflow:

  • Stick to the essentials and avoid keeping things you don’t need on the desk
  • Tidy up all those errant cables and cords
  • Clean your desk occasionally
  • Group all your stationery and personal effects in a manner that makes them easy to access
  • Put a quota on personal effects and other decorations
  • Ensure your essential tools are closer to your dominant hand  


An Adjustable Standing Desk can add some energy to your workday. But, it can be the root of immeasurable chaos when not implemented properly. Fortunately, these accessories add loads of functionality and organization to the mix.

Every standing desk has unique features. And, we all have diverse personal tastes, so you don’t have to approach it as we’ve explained it. Feel free to be creative with how you organize your workspace. After all, it’s all about customizing your workspace to fit your desired workflow.