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Your Cat and You: Safe Home Meowffice Tips

14 July 2021

Covid-19 has transformed the way pet owners live and work. Despite having your cute furry friend there all day is one of the best benefits for cat owners who work remotely, there are some drawbacks. Cats may be the best of friends or the worst of colleagues... or bosses! They can brighten your day while also destroying your efficiency. They're also surprisingly excellent at ruining expensive office technology and equipment. Many cats appear to be obsessed with computers. Perhaps it's the warm spot on top of the display, the alluring clicking noise, or the fact that this contraption is taking all the attention away from the hooman who should be stroking behind their ears.

Should Our Cat Get On the Desk?

Cats are more gregarious than many people believe, and they tend to congregate in the same room as their owners. Or, in the case of my Loona, scratch the door until they are let in. Examine your workspace — you may only have a desk and a chair. Is there a cat tower in your neighborhood? Not that you need a cat tower; they are impractical and waste space in small living spaces. Give our kitties additional opportunities to interact with us. They don't want to be excessively close, but they also don't like being on the floor, where they could be trampled on or kicked. As a result, our desk is the most likely spot to which they will jump on.

A sturdy and spacious desk would be perfect for you and your feline colleague. FlexiSpot's height-adjustable standing desks such as Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk come with a dual-motor lifting system. The enhanced structure could provide maximum stability even at the highest setting even. At the same time, our cats are royally perched on top of it! There is nothing to worry about as our tabletops are moisture-proof, insect-resistant, scratch-proof, and safe for kids and our furry family members.

What You Can Do

Safeguard Your Computer

  • If fur enters the computer, it can create damage that is costly to repair. If your cat decides a laptop is an excellent place to scratch, you may be in for an expensive computer repair bill. If she tries to perch on your keyboard, slowly lift her to the bed with her things and sternly state, "no." It's challenging to do, but it'll be even tougher to read if she's resting on your hands. 
  • Changes made by your cat may not be immediately evident, so double-check that your document is still marked as 'saved' when returning from a stroll beyond your home office. Always lock your keyboard immediately before stepping away from your desk.
  • Fur, like dust, can seep into devices and cause significant damage or technical difficulties, just as it can with computers. It is not entirely avoidable, so frequent grooming is the best method to deal with it. If you can fit in a brief brush before you begin work every day and a vacuum after each day, you will be able to eliminate a lot of possible fur difficulties. If you have a pet, a compact vacuum cleaner is a must-have.
  • Kittens nibble on everything, including cables. This can be highly hazardous to your cat, resulting in electrocution and severe burns. It's also inconvenient to have to change cables, which usually break on their own. Cable coverings, especially hard plastic ones that are unpleasant to chew on, do brilliantly for this. Try making phone chargers and cables unappealing using a safe spray or dabber. 

Cat-Proof Your Desk

Cats enjoy playing with small objects, and there are typically many small things on the desk. Keep your desk clear of the little things that they might play with and could swallow. Cats are likely to engage in the following items: 

  • pencils
  • pens
  • erasers 
  • USB drives and other electronic accessories
  • loose paper
  • accessories
  • cables
  • headphones

Go minimalistic! Try to keep your desk clear. If you have any valuable trinkets or even random office supplies lying around, ensure they are not on display in your workspace, or the cat may accidentally break something important to you. Cats enjoy knocking things off shelves, desks, and countertops and are oblivious to watching them crash. If you have anything fragile, keep it in a safe place. 

If you need a beverage near your desktop, such as something to drink while working, store it in a liquid-tight bottle and keep it shut without actively drinking it. Even if your cat tips it over, the contents will not spill on anything, especially your computer. Assume that your coffee mug or teacup will fall over at some point. Our cats are just being cats.

Keep Them Entertained

If your cat is begging for your attention, it's most likely because they're bored. Make sure to offer your some toys to offset the fun by keeping them away from your computer. Fake mice, catnip toys, kicking toys, bouncing objects on a stick, and small balls are all excellent distractions that will keep them fascinated by something other than the computer. Arrange toys near the desk where your cat can play with them while you work. If your cat does not play on his own, electronic interactive toys may be helpful. Catnip spray can also excite their attention, and you can use it to spruce up other toys when your cat thinks it's time to play.

Take Breaks and Spend Quality Time with Them

If your cat continues to try to play with your computer or walks across your laptop, you may be able to divert its attention by playing with them elsewhere. If you leave your desk and your cat follows you, it could indicate that it just wants to be with you. Take a break and play with them until you've both had a fun break. Your cat is the ideal coworker for some downtime. Take your cat's favorite toy or a squished piece of paper and distract yourself from work by watching them enjoy one of life's simple pleasures. This will help you reconnect with your pet even more, keep your cat active, and let you go back to work feeling revived and revitalized.

Give Them a Dedicated and Cozy Spot Close to You

They may even want to be near you or find a comfortable area to snuggle and slumber. Cats sleep an average of 18 hours every day; therefore, bedding is crucial. You may also try suspending a sturdy cat perch in a bright sunny window so that they can look down on other critters or chirp along with birds while watching them. If your cat prefers to cuddle with you rather than play with your computer, you may simply need to provide them with a spot to curl up close to you. For this case, a large, expansive desk would be excellent. Check FlexiSpot's L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks and Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop. Both have a more extensive surface area, enough for you to set Loona's sleeping corner near the edge but close enough for you to caress her cheeks while she purrs in her sleep. Precious!

Other Preventative Measures

A few precautions can go a long way, so tackle the essentials to keep your cat and electronics safe from each other:

  • Keeping the office door closed is a simple approach to keep Whiskers and the computer apart, whether you're in the room or not.
  • When a laptop is powered on, do not cover the keyboard. This may trap too much heat from the computer. While not in use, simply close your laptop lid.
  • When your desktop is not in use, keep your keyboard covered. You might also add a keyboard tray that allows you to store the keyboard underneath your desk when not being used.
  • Put your laptop away. When you're not using your laptop, turn it off, so your cat doesn't bother it.


Cats, or all animals in general, act upon their instinct. Cat people like me, I hardly get upset even when Porky trampled on my keyboard and closed all tabs halfway researching and writing a lengthy article, with two more looming over my head. Cats are just themselves, but that doesn't mean we don't have a choice but to succumb to being their fur-less slaves. If these tips don't work, try safe deterring strategies to help you keep Mittens off your desk while you meet those deadlines.