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Your Ultimate guide to FlexiSpot's Black Friday

05 November 2021

What started as a one day sale has now become the most anticipated sale of every year. Black Friday used to be one day that people went all out on finding the best deals. People went to extremes, camping outside stores for weeks just for that one day. Now, the sale has evolved into an entire month of sales.

With stores offering more deals over the Black Friday craze and throughout the year, people get to save a ton of cash but under less pressure and danger than before. Black Friday deals are also available online, and thanks to the growth of eCommerce, you don’t even need to make unnecessary trips to the store.

But before we get into everything you can get with these deals, when is Black Friday? Black Friday falls on November 26th, but as we’ve already mentioned, Black Friday has now become a month-long affair in some stores. In fact, Black Friday sales are underway in some online stores. Here at Flexispot, our Black Friday deals kick off on November 26th.

Remember, being a limited-time offer; you can easily miss your window. Moreover, the whole world is waiting on Black Friday deals, so products will go very fast. Make haste with your Black Friday shopping list!

What’s coming?

Only the best deals ever!!

Flexispot has organized a great many deals for you this Black Friday as follows:

60% off

60% off 

Like never before, you get access to some of the most innovative ergonomic products for up to 60% off. This will be indicated on all products that qualify for this massive discount, so keep an eye out!

Lowest prices ever!

Black Friday this year has got something for everyone, at the lowest prices ever! The following products will be available to you on Black Friday at the lowest prices:

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Say hello to healthy living with the best-selling model that was built by listening to customer needs. The Seiffen laminated standing desk gives you three frame options, Eco 2 stage, Pro 2 stage, and Pro 3 stage. You also get three keypad options, basic, standard, and advanced. At the single touch of a button, the table smoothly transitions to a standing desk. The desk is also built with sustainable materials.

Height Adjustable standing desk E9

Height Adjustable standing desk E9

The Vici desk model is incredibly easy to assemble. It has features such as anti-collision to ensure the desk surface doesn’t collide with items during height adjustment. You also get four programmable buttons with this model. It also features a spacious workspace for your setup and adjustable desk feet. The Vici desk also gives you ample under-desk space.

Adjustable standing desk pro series

Adjustable standing desk pro series

With a dual-motor lifting system, the pro series standing desk ensures maximum stability even at the highest height setting. It also has a higher load capacity of up to 275lbs and a waterproof desk surface. You also get whisper-quiet transitions and stylish desktop options where you can choose from bamboo, solid wood, and laminated.

All-in-one desk bike/ bike workstation V9

All-in-one desk bike/ bike workstation V9

The V9 ergonomic exercise desk is perfect for your everyday exercise and work needs. You get to exercise, sit in a comfortable chair and get your work done. Oh, and the bonus, you’re burning calories and improving your circulation while at it. The V9 desk bike has a pneumatic adjustment lever that easily adjusts your seat to your desired height. The LCD helps you keep track of your progress and also features eight resistance levels. It is the perfect way to practice active living without compromising your performance. Not forgetting that you don’t need a desk with this desk bike as it features a desk surface too.<

Under desk bike V9U

Under desk bike V9U

This is the perfect desk bike for use with a standing desk. The seat is easy to adjust and has roller casters for easy movement of the bike. The V9U comes to you fully assembled; all you need to do is adjust to your preferred height. You can track your distance, calories burned, and time on the LCD. Pedaling is whisper-quiet; therefore, it doesn’t interrupt your work.

Check this exclusive price guide for discount price of our sales products!

There’s more…

Points & Rewards

Points & Rewards

This is an early deal. What you need to do is earn points and claim FlexiSpot’s exciting rewards. All the points you earn will get doubled on Black Friday!

It is important to note that your points are valid for six months. To access your points, you can check My Account – Points. Lastly, every product applies different rules for using the points. Therefore, ensure to check for more details before use.

So how do you earn points? You can do so in three ways;

Place your order(s)

Subscribe to Flexispot’s mailing list

Play the games on the website

With the points you earn, you can:

Redeem them for cash discounts on your order

Use them as free gifts

4.99s challenge

4.99s challenge

To win this challenge, you need to stop the timer. You get 15 chances to get it right every day, and your chances reset every 12 pm. This challenge runs from November 15th to November 24th, 2021, giving you ample time to win exciting prizes.

To participate, you need to log in to your account. If you want ten more free chances, subscribe to Flexispot’s mailing list. Sharing this challenge on social media will also get you ten free chances.

When you win points, the points go directly to your account. When you stop at the special number, you go straight to the lottery pool. A winner will then be selected at random on December 1st, 2021, sent a notification via email, and announced on social media.

What’s in it for you?

The prizes in this challenge are as exciting as advertised. If you hit the special 4.99s, you stand to win a $2000 gift card. Magic number 3.66s gets you a free Comhar standing desk EW8. At the 2.33s mark, you get an extra 10% off on the entire cart purchase. And if you hit 1.11s, you get 150 points that you can convert into a $15 coupon.

Free Order

Free Order

This two-day event is as exhilarating as the prizes to be won, so set your alarms!! On the 26th and 29th of November 2021, at 9 am and 2 pm sharp, the fastest person to checkout gets ALL the items they’ve ordered for FREE!

How do you become the fastest? First, you need to add all the items you want to buy on Flexispot to your cart. Then, pay for the items at exactly 9 am or 2 pm PST on November 26th and 29th. Once done, a pop-up notification will appear after payment to notify the first customer that they get their order for free. Will it be you?

The winner must share this win on social media and tag Flexispot to receive their items for free. Instructions on a refund will be sent via email in 1-2 business days.

Comhar All-in-one standing desk

Cyber Monday…

While you wait on Black Friday, remember to check out our Cyber Monday deals too!

Cyber Monday, though not as popular as Black Friday, has started gaining momentum. Cyber Monday deals are mostly on tech products like phones and laptops. However, other tech products are stepping into the Cyber Monday sphere to offer fantastic deals to their customers.

For Cyber Monday, FlexiSpot is bringing you: Comhar All-in-one standing desk.

It is the perfect corner desk for small spaces, built with bamboo for that smooth, elegant finish, and a large surface for all your work equipment. The Comhar all-in-one desk is height adjustable that accommodates all heights, including kids. It is designed with four programmable height presets. It is also fitted with USB charging ports, an embedded drawer, and an anti-collision feature. On Cyber Monday, this desk will be available on Flexispot for its lowest price ever!

The bottom line

Taking advantage of every deal available to you is a no-brainer. The goal is to get the best products at the most affordable prices. Therefore, map out your Flexispot Black Friday shopping spree now and get ready for when it starts. As detailed in this guide, you are eligible for each of the challenges and deals; you just need to follow the simple activity guidelines.

Black Friday on FlexiSpot, followed closely by Cyber Monday, are two great discount sales to look forward to as the year closes. Get all your ergonomic furniture from the home of elegant and innovative ergonomics, FlexiSpot.