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A Simple Guide Before Getting A Standing Desk

05 August 2021

Standing while working is gradually becoming the new workplace standard. People are starting to recognize the numerous advantages of standing for long durations each day. As a result, standing desks are quickly becoming a must-have piece of office equipment in any workspace. Standing desk ergonomics work as an outstanding tool that can boost your health, productivity, and collaboration at work.

Research has revealed correct and incorrect methods to stand when using standing workstations. To get the advantages of standing for long durations, you must have the proper ergonomic standing desk position.

When it comes to building a healthy workplace environment, a workspace that enables you to switch sitting and standing postures using sit-stand ergonomic solutions could be your safest bet. Research indicates flexible workstations help minimize back discomfort without affecting productivity. Before deciding on the best office desk for you, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various possibilities offered.

Standing Desk Types

There is a broad selection of standing desks available, just like any other piece of furniture, and the ideal one with you might be different from the one for your coworker. Let's examine some of the more popular solutions.

Fixed Height Standing Desk

The fixed-height standing desk is set at a height that allows the user to stand without changing the desk's height. The benefit of choosing this sort of standing desk is that it is often less costly than an adjustable desk. When placing your order for a fixed height standing desk, you must be sure of the exact height at which it will be positioned. When typing, you would like the tabletop to be at a height that lets your arms form a 90-degree angle.

Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

Installing a standing desk converter to your existing desk has to be the simplest approach to attain your sitting and standing aims. These converters, which come at various styles and prices, can be utilized with a standard desk. If you like your current desk or work in an office where purchasing a new desk is not an option, you may simply use a converter, place it on top of your desk, and modify it as needed.

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

The height-adjustable desk can be set to various elevations, permitting you to use it as a sitting or standing desk. Some height-adjustable desks must be modified manually by releasing a set screw, changing the frame height, and securing the set screw again. This method would be repeated for all of the desk's legs. This allows the user to select the desk's height from sitting to standing or vice versa. You can adjust the height of the desk to accommodate every user, whether they stand or sit. It's ideal for office settings where employees may shift. New hires can adjust the workstation to the height that is most comfortable for them.

Some height-adjustable desks have a motorized or even hydraulic mechanism that allows the desk's height to be adjusted with the touch of a button. This will enable users to customize the height of their desk at any time during the day. You can sit for part of the day and stand for the remainder. The disadvantage of such a desk is that it might be pretty expensive.


Monitor Arms

Installing a laptop or monitor on a swing arm adaptor that attaches to the back of an existing desk or table can be a simple conversion choice, mainly if you operate in a limited space. Monitor arms are inexpensive and straightforward to set up, but maintaining correct typing ergonomics with this solution can be problematic unless you have an external keyboard and something to elevate the keyboard while you're standing.

Under-Desk Treadmill and Bike

Installing an under-desk treadmill or bike to your workstation can enable you to integrate more mobility into your day — but it reduces your options for which desks will work for you. Some brands only sell their office treadmills or bikes as part of a paired workstation, which means the desk goes with the treadmill or bike and may not even be adjustable to be used sitting or standing. If you intend to use a standalone treadmill or bike under your desk, ensure sure the workstation you select allows for the necessary height. Remember that exercising on a treadmill will most likely increase your workstation height requirements by several inches. You should also ensure that your workstation is exceptionally solid.

Other Factors To Consider

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk


Take accurate measurements, especially if you ever need to fit a desk into a tight space, to guarantee that the desk you choose will fit. One beautiful compact desk that fits into small spaces is the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk. When it comes to your desktop, keep in mind that it's not just the width that matters but also the depth. The optimum depth will promote proper wrist and elbow ergonomics and maintain your monitor at the correct distance from your face. It makes it simple to find room for your coffee mug and a platter of munchies.


Various factors might have a significant impact on the cost of your workstation. Electric standing desks are often more expensive than manual ones, and size could also be a factor — especially with electric desks, which may demand more motors to cover a bigger space. Compare diverse businesses as well. Sometimes you can get what you pay for, like with the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk, and in other instances, you may have to pay a premium for a specific brand name. Modification, delivery, and installation can all increase the price.

Weight Capacity

You should pay much attention to the lift capacity of any desk you are considering. Lower-end lift capacity is typically 50 pounds, while some can hold up to 700 pounds. The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series can hold up to 275 lbs.


People who use a treadmill at their workplace or particularly demanding typists will want to prioritize steadiness. The size or width of a desk does not always affect how safe it feels, although workstations that attach to a wall are more likely to remain steady. The Modish Standing Desk has superior stability that you can perform some simple desk push-ups with it.

Manual or Electric

When deciding between an electric and a manual (or crank) standing desk, there is more to contemplate than just the cost of the function. Electric desks typically adapt more simply and rapidly than manual desks and have a larger weight capacity. They could also be programmable, making achieving the ideal height a breeze. A manual desk does not require a power source, so that means there's no electrical failure to worry about, and while many electric desks have quiet motors.

You can begin enjoying the fruits of your adjustable standing desk now that you've gone through this simple guide. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that the quality of your standing desk will also play a part in the success of your journey to proper posture. For that, FlexiSpot would be your go-to.