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Yummy Flash Sale to Celebrate the World Sleep Day by FlexiSpot

15 March 2023

Sleep sure sounds like an ordinary aspect of our lives that might not even be worth talking about. Well, as banal as it sounds, sleep is the core essence of humanity - one of the most underrated areas, if not the most underrated, of human life.

Especially for folks having some recurring sleep difficulties, getting a healthy sleep can be a huge challenge and this can negatively affect every other aspect of their daily living, including their work life. So what's the way out?

World Sleep Day is the answer. It is introduced to help you live free of sleep problems and if you're battling with any, proper maximization of this anniversary will help you with tips to live better.

All across the world, the World Sleep Day has been educating and sensitizing people on how important sleep is and the need to remodel the lens through which we perceive and experience sleep via helpful resources and materials.

And as a brand known to be a trusted home for ergonomic products designed to make your life easier, Flexispot has decided to make its top height-adjustable standing desks available during this season with unbelievable discounts.

Flexispot and the World Sleep Day

In a highly competitive modern world, almost everyone, including office and remote workers, fails to dedicate substantial time to pay rapt attention to their health and this omission has led to some unhealthy addictions we could have nipped right in the bud.

But the good news here is that at Flexispot, we are here to help you turn the table around. With the World Sleep Day events officially slated to hold between March 14 and March 20, 2023, we have so many discounted products for you to grab.

Here's a golden chance like never before. Apart from Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 and E1 Standing Desk, our range of ergonomic products such as chairs, desk bikes, and adjustable beds have a "buy more and save more" option.

For instance, you stand a chance to enjoy $90 off a product of $900, $120 off $1,200, and $150 off $1,500. Is that not a wonderful deal?

Why this initiative? Our goal is not to only help you stay healthier but also to cater to your long-term health plans. After all, we know that you would love being healthier all at a reasonable price.

Hence, between March 21, 2023, and March 23, 2023, there'll be a massive flash sale event covering E8 and E1 height-adjustable standing desks. All you have to do is grab this opportunity while it lasts.

Flash Sale Events for the World Sleep Day 2023

As a means of appreciating your loyalty to the brand so far, we have brought a flash sale to commemorate this year's World Sleep Day. So between March 21 and March 23, our classy Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8 and Standard Standing Desk E1 will be up for grabs.

All you have to do is be on alert!

Standard Standing Desk E1

Between March 21 and March 23, 2023, the Standard Standing Desk E1 would also be up for grabs. And instead of the usual price of $289.99, you can get this beauty for $169.99. This direct drop of $120 is even beyond 41% off.

Now, let's go through the top attributes of Standard Standing Desk E1. That way, you'll further understand why the desk is a perfect fit for your home office or workplace.

Strong and Stable Frame

Are you in need of a sturdy and reliable frame that can easily carry the weight of your PC? Say no more, all you need is the Standard Standing Desk E1. Meanwhile, you can also add other accessories to the tabletop of this desk and you won't have to worry about crashes or spillover.

Switching from standing to sitting and vice versa is now a walk in the park. All you have to do is give the button a single and gentle tap and voila, the magic happens!

Environmentally Friendly and High-quality Desktop

The Standard Standing Desk E1 is also compatible with any desktop of your choice. This gives you a bunch of options to choose from: bamboo desktop, fiberboard, solid wood, solid wood texture, or chipboard.

Meanwhile, you can also go for a 1" chipboard top with the color of your choice. How possible is that? They are available in different wood grains and solid colors. Chipboard tops can also come in handy if you prefer durability, matching colors, and symmetrical patterns.


As a result of the motor, the Standard Standing Desk E1 is built to give you a smooth, wobble-free, and sturdy experience while using it. The structure also allows for more stable and formidable support for all your activities in the home office.


Whether you are a gamer or a regular office worker, the Standard Standing Desk E1 works perfectly for you. You can also use it for your video conference and other virtual meetings. Even for personal study, the Standard Standing Desk E1 is all you need.

The motor of the desk makes it more optimal for video meetings because it can easily adjust through all the height settings without knocking off your supplies on the tabletop in the process.

How to Celebrate World Sleep Day

Making the best use of World Sleep Day can be pretty easy. All you have to do is make some conscious efforts toward a healthy sleeping pattern. That's the secret that'll transform your life.

Additionally, we suggest that you also consider these tips to enjoy the holiday and other days of your life to the fullest:

Take a nap

Embrace sleep hygiene

Consistent bedtime and wake time.

Keep the temperature of your bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees F or 16-19 degrees C

Regular exercise

Reduce your caffeine consumption.

Dim the lights

Give room for meditation

Talk to a sleep professional if need be

Let's Celebrate the World Sleep Day in Grand Style!

That's not all, we also have a Buy More and Save More project. This is to ensure that you get all the accessories that'll make your work life easier and more fun-filled. Besides, you can also pair these accessories with your standing desk.

So as we mark this year's World Sleep Day beginning March 21st to the 23rd, you get to save $90 when you spend $900, $120 off for $1200 spent, and $150 for $1500 spent on a product.

You will also enjoy more interesting coupons and flash sales as we mark this season. Therefore, we implore you to tick your calendar, save the date, and get ready for these power-packed three days!