Ergonomic Buyer's Guide:
Standing Desks
There are many standing desks, but not all of them meet your high quality standards! Therefore, it is important to find the right standing desk. Due to the higher acquisition cost of a standing desk, the question - "What's the point of having a standing desk?" - is quite justified! So why should you spend a little more budget to get a standing desk?
Why should you buy a standing desk?
A standing desk helps you to stay healthy. By standing more, you avoid sitting for long periods. Excessive sitting is associated with many diseases such as diabetes, poor circulation and muscle tension.
When sitting, your spine often gets into an unhealthy shape due to bad sitting posture. The standing desk is the better alternative here, as other parts of the body are also stressed and the natural S-shape of the spine is supported. In this way, you effectively protect your spine and work healthier.
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