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FlexiSpot is a company with experts who will convince you to make the switch from sitting to standing. With Flexispot, you would enjoy the benefits of standing while working at home or in the office. After all, everyone deserves a healthy work environment to improve work efficiency and increase job satisfaction.

Ergonomics is the core of Flexispot products. The goal has always been to create a workplace that promotes health, productivity, and fun. With its height-adjustable desks, desk bicycles, desk converters, and accessories for every concern, this ideal workspace is not impossible. The brand aims to go higher, with a vision to transform conventional work areas into future-oriented and healthy work settings. Flexispot products will help create your ideal workspace anywhere, whether it be in a single office, open-plan office or in a home office.

Why FlexiSpot

  • Top 3 standing desk brand
  • Free Delivery
  • Low return rate
  • AOV: > $330
  • Product datafeed availability
  • Timely commission payment
  • High commission rates: Up to 15%
  • 30-day cookie duration
Why Flexispot

Program Introduction

We run Affiliate program on ShareASale( ID:68890 ). We welcome publishers in all types. You can use FlexiSpot discounts, banners, text links, product feed, videos, as well as other information we provide for promotion. You will earn commission by referring shoppers to us and selling products via promotion.

Commission rate will increase

Specific publishers

We will incerase commission rate for publishers with outstanding contribution to sales and traffics.


We will set temporary commission rate increase, as a rewarding for publishers with good performance.

What we offer?


Exclusive Code

1. Promotion alert on regular discounts, price drops.
2. Collaboration opportunities on website and newsletter ad placements.


Editorial Content

1. Ad placements on FlexiSpot’s platforms.
2. Free samples for review

Price Comparison

Price Comparison

Wide range of available products


Loyalty Points/Cashback Rewards Program

1. High commission rates for partner publications.
2. Increase of cost-per-action


Newsletter Premium Placement

1. Ad placement in FlexiSpot’s newsletter.
2. Newsletter exposure cooperation



Regular banner placement on FlexiSpot's website and newsletter

How to start?

We are excited to work with you! Visit ShareASale anf look for FlexiSpot ( ID:68890), then submit an affiliate request. You can also send a proposal to [email protected] Once approved, you can have your own code and earn by referring shoppers.

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30-days Free Return

30 Day Return Policy

Professional service and product warranty

24 Hour Dispatch


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