Extended Day Child Care (EDCC) is a non-profit on-site childcare center that provides affordable before- and after-school care for elementary students at eight locations in Northern California’s Tri-Valley area. EDCC prides themselves on creating a caring and stimulating environment for all students. So, naturally they believe it is important to foster a healthy and engaging work environment for teachers and staff as well.

The Problem

While EDCC aims to provide a healthy work environment for all employees, their staff was struggling with side-effects of using traditional desks. EDCC teachers need to be alert and attentive to keep up with their energetic students, but sitting at their desks was inducing brain fog and physical fatigue. Similarly, the administrative staff wished they could take active breaks to stimulate mental alertness, but felt they didn’t have time to leave their desks. The administrators were also experiencing neck and back pain from spending more time at their desks than EDCC teachers.

Our Solution

Knowing that EDCC had little wiggle-room in their budget to invest in ergonomic office furniture, FlexiSpot offered to donate its bestselling M1B and M2B desk risers to all interested employees across EDCC’s eight locations. The desk risers are placed on top of the staff members’ existing workstations, requiring no additional modifications. After using the desk risers for several weeks, EDCC staff reported that their neck and back pain had disappeared, they were moving more throughout the day, and they were able to control their energy levels simply by adjusting their desk height.

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