Posture Vitality

Posture Vitality is a chiropractor clinic bringing the latest advances in chiropractic, posture correction, ergonomics, and pain relief to San Ramon, California. Dr. Jane Baxley, D.C., the chiropractor behind Posture Vitality, believes that posture is a window into your state of health and well-being. Her mission is to give patients the tools to “stand tall and live well.” She wanted to extend that mission to her employees at the clinic, who were still using traditional fixed-height desks.

The Problem

Posture Vitality teaches their clients to practice healthy posture habits, like changing positions every 30 minutes and standing with correct posture. However, in their old office they had traditional desks that made it difficult to follow those habits themselves without disrupting their work. Dr. Baxley and her team wanted a work environment that made it easy to practice what they preach.

Our Solution

When Posture Vitality moved to a new office, they took the opportunity to furnish their space with ergonomic desks from FlexiSpot. For the front desk, we supplied them with the CompactRiser standing desk converter, which allows anyone using the desk to customize the desktop to their own height. Dr. Baxley selected the Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk for her private office. The three programmable height presets make going from sitting to standing as easy as the press of a button. With their new FlexiSpot desks, the Posture Vitality team can now practice the same ergonomic behaviors they teach their patients.

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