Zenreach is a marketing start-up based in San Francisco, with outposts in Phoenix and Ontario. They’re closing the loop between online and offline consumer experiences with a WiFi-powered marketing platform that helps retailers transform the way they reach their customers. Zenreach innovates every day on behalf of their clients, but their own work environment was lagging behind the curve. It was time they started innovating on behalf of their own employees by creating an ergonomic and energizing workplace.

The Problem

While the company was growing rapidly and had reached several important milestones—such as being ranked on LinkedIn’s Top Companies Startup List—the sales team’s productivity had stalled. The workspace at Zenreach was outdated, furnished with traditional fixed-height desks that caused the deskbound sales team to experience brain fog and fatigue that impaired their productivity. To revive their momentum, something needed to change.

Our Solution

FlexiSpot supplied adjustable height desk risers for the Zenreach San Francisco office. The desk risers fit on top of the sales team’s current desks, allowing Zenreach to upgrade without completely redoing the office space. With 12 adjustable height levels, the sales team was no longer stuck sitting in one position all day long. The freedom to switch between sitting and standing boosted morale, eliminated fatigue, and re-energized the sales team. Within weeks of receiving their desk risers, productivity on the sales floor rebounded dramatically.

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