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5 Best Storage Products for Your Home Office

29 April 2022

You have a dream home office in mind and want to do everything to make it happen. Of course, having a design in your head won’t help if you won’t be able to get the right products that will fit your ideas.

One aspect of the home office that you need to work on is storage. There are many options available in the market and here at FlexiSpot, we have every vertical storage option you need, from no-nonsense filing cabinets, floating shelves, and a reliable standing desk. All these are needed for a smart office to come to life. We have here a list of products that are stylish, functional, and space-saving.

You may always check them out at the FlexiSpot website but here are some of them detailed out.

Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk

1. Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk

This is a best-seller for those wanting to have a sleek, modern home office. The Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk is perfect if you want everything to look classy, simple, and not cluttered. The design is eco-friendly, made with high-grade construction and some advanced technology features that can elevate your experience with a snap of a finger.

You could easily adjust the height of the model using its convenient programmable settings. It also has a reminder mode that alerts you just in time to change from one position to another, making it your healthy work-from-home office companion.

Moreover, the entire desk won’t take up that much space of your workstation because it fits cozily in a corner like it’s meant to be there all along. The design of your workstation can follow, with the interiors following a certain theme.

Why We Love It

1. It has an advanced adjustable height mechanism with preset modes and boasts of a digital height display

2. The desk comes complete with a stand/sit timer that alarms when you have been stuck in one position for too long of a time.

3. It features a noiseless lifting system to prevent disrupting others when you’re adjusting your desk.

4. Its desktop is sustainable and comes in different colors (i.e. graphite, mahogany, special walnut, ebony, marble grey, maple, and more).

5. At 42x24 inches, the desktop size is spacious

6. The desk is sturdy and stable so it doesn’t wobble at any height

7. You may choose from a single or a dual motor lifting mechanism, depending on your purchase

8. The product is budget-friendly for remote workers and professionals

This has everything you are looking for in a modern standing desk. It’s a major bonus that it also meets your aesthetic and budget requirements.

Pro-tip: To promote active sitting even further, you may install an under-desk bike.

Mesh Desk Organizer

2. Mesh Desk Organizer

For your day-to-day essentials at work, consider purchasing the best storage product that can change your work life by a ton: the Mesh Drawer Organizer. You don’t have to keep looking for a missing item and losing lots of time doing so. This organizer features a vertical design, meaning it will take up minimum space while the removable drawers give you more than enough room to sort all of your things. It features an additional rack at the back where you can store your larger folders.

Why We Love It

1. Convenient three-tier organization system

2. For documents to not get wrinkled and be kept straight, this organizer also features a vertical shelf

3. Desk accessory drawers are detachable, allowing for more flexibility

4. Construction is guaranteed sturdy and stable

5. Comes with anti-slip rubbers that prevent it from wobbling or scratching desk surfaces

6. It comes with side frames for easy handling

In totality, this product will provide you with your dream compact storage setup.

Under Desk Drawer

3. Under Desk Drawer

Perhaps you don’t have enough or extra space for a desk organizer. Enter the Under Desk Drawer S01. This can quickly serve as your storage for your office essentials and personal items that instead of dumping them on your desk, you may put them inside this under desk drawer. It makes sure that your workspace is organized so that you could boost your work efficiency.

Why We Love It

1. Features a sleek design for that minimalist finish

2. Comes with a Steel Security lock that keeps your files confidential and ensures the safety of your personal belongings

3. Won’t be taking up any desktop area which leaves you with a nice, neat, and tidy finish

4. It features a spacious design and boasts of its reliable weight capacity

Need we say more? It’s definitely an excellent addition to any workspace.

Mobile Cabinet 026

4. Mobile Cabinet 026

You will stop hunting for a flawless filing system because you’ve already found the Mobile Cabinet 026. This can fit under most modern desks today. It has two drawers that are secured by one lock, which makes the documents in your workspace more secure.

Why We Love It

1. Minimalistic design

2. Product size: 14.6x17.1x26.6 inches

3. Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

4. For convenience, it features two utility drawers with full extension slides

5. Its caster wheels allow you to easily move it around the room

Providing multiple functions, this storage space is worthy of investment for your workspace.

Floating Shelves

5. Floating Shelves

You will fall in love with your home office more if you style it with floating shelves.

Big bookshelves are a thing of the past. These makeup for modern, space-efficient versions of the well-loved bookshelves. The design doesn’t feel imposing and offers enough space for all workplace essentials, even added with personal items. Books, files, vertical stationery items photo frames, and succulents may be stored here.

You may even add vertical hooks for extra storage and something to spruce up your workplace even more. You’ll be surprised with how big of a range of items you could store on these floating shelves. Their superior weight capacity can support potted plants, woven baskets, organizers, and dream catchers.

Why We Love It

1. Upon purchase, this comes in a group of three

2. Configurations are flexible and easy to install

3.Space-saving dimensions: 17x0.98x 6.67 inches

4. Can hold almost everything from books, photo frames to workplace essentials

5. Two hooks to hang various home office décor and functional items

Even though it’s just floating, it has everything you’d expect from a regular-sized bookshelf—perhaps, even more.

In a Nutshell

If you want to transform your small home office, the best way is to invest in space-saving office storage products.

As a last note, FlexiSpot’s functional items ensure that function meets style, allowing users to incorporate their personal style and aesthetic elements into the mix. You will be inspired to add creative elements and let these be your motivation, especially when the day becomes more stressful.