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The Perfect Ergonomic Office from Flexispot

19 July 2021

Ergonomics; every workplace is clamoring to reach the nation’s standards to help keep employees healthy. As we all know, sitting down for long periods and having a cluttered desk can really mess up one’s physique and mental health.

So here are the best FlexiSpot ergonomic furniture to keep every employee happy and healthy:

Mobile File Cabinet 027

This filing cabinet can carry a lot of your workplace weight! With three cabinets at your service, you can fill this up with all the confidential files that you may have lying around your office. Lock it and keep it safe! The Mobile File Cabinet 027 can be moved around anywhere you like thanks to the wheels that roll smoothly.

“I adore this small filing cabinet! When I ordered it, it was missing the frames for the lowest file slot, and when I reached the shop, they informed me that they were out of stock, so they issued me a substantial refund! Fortunately for me, I just had some pieces soldered and they function perfectly! I'm looking for the next one despite the fact that this occurred since I'm currently working remotely and will continue to do so whenever I'm able to return to the office. Excellent for your office if you have a lot of confidential information to protect!” - Cherry H.

“We purchased thirty of all these. They were priced fairly and matched the appearance we were aiming towards. These will not have the quickest open/close movement you've ever seen, but if they're doing the job, then that is alright. Additionally, a few of the thirty arrived somewhat damaged, and then one can't open and fully close. FlexiSpot provided Exceptional customer service. They are shipping us substitute cabinets to replace the one that is not operating correctly, and they have offered a cash refund for the deformed cabinets that we agreed to keep because they'd be hidden beneath tables and tiny flaws would be unnoticeable. In general, the transaction was positive, and we are pleased with our investment. These drawers have a unique design that complements the appearance of our workplace.” - Johnny D.

“Thus far, I believe it’s craftsmanship is outstanding, as I have encountered no issues. When I got this cabinet, it was well handled, and unlike other cabinets, I did not have to arrange it. It's simple to operate and features an anti-tilt feature, which I especially appreciate considering my previous cabinet tended to tilt if more than three drawers were unlocked. The cabinet opened and closed softly and smoothly, without any manufacturing faults that I occasionally had with my previous cabinet. Additionally, the cabinet's style is adorable, and the security system was dependable. In general, I definitely rate this item a 5-star due to its superior craftsmanship.” - Honey S.

“I ordered the desk drawer to replace the one that I used to have. The one I had before was giving me a headache because of how unorganized it always looks. I acquired this cabinet in the hope that the craftsmanship would match the price and that this would come intact; something that has been a challenge with many other cabinets. The packing was excellent, and the cabinet came in perfect condition. Moreover, the craftsmanship is excellent, therefore results in it being a little on the hefty extreme. Having said all that, it appears as though it will last forever. The only restriction I discovered is that the wheels are not intended for use on carpeting. It stayed in place for me, thus there was no issue. That is the single biggest reason I awarded it four rather than five stars for mobility. Would look fantastic on wood. Ultimately, there are no complaints and this is an incredible deal.” - Brent F.

Cable Management Tray CMP502

Having a clean and tidy desk helps keep your focus to reach your goals! Then get your mind off of clutter with this cable management tray! This nifty equipment helps prevent a tangled mess of cords that come with every workstation.

“Despite the placement proving to be straightforward, this would have been quicker to have just bought it right away. Flexispot has pre-drilled holes in the table for the keyboard, though not for the cable management tray. Maybe because it is ultimately up to each individual to determine what arrangement makes the most sense for their work setting. I would strongly advise you to highlight the holes you drilled prior to attempting installation.

One feedback I saw said that the tray was far too thin to accommodate their plugs. I had no issues and noticed that the electricity strips are made in such a way that you can effortlessly put them on their sides and organize your wires via the side hole. I also have space on the tray to securely fasten my absurdly long cables.

Although you may believe this is an unneeded indulgence, I can attest that the convenience with which you may transition from reclining to standing makes it virtually impossible to conceal cables attached to a floor-mounted power strip. Additionally, it simplifies cleaning in your desk by concealing all of the unnecessary wires. Cost-efficient for added versatility. Extremely good!” - Tatiana R.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Keep your posture aligned and proper with this lovely bamboo standing desk. Bamboo has been known to be highly durable and extremely pretty. With carbonized lacquer coating, this pretty desk would always resist any liquid, pest, and scrapes that may come in its way. 

“Recently, my concentration has improved as a result of being able to sit and stand in harmony. My midday drowsiness is a thing of the past. My productivity has increased by a factor of two! I've given up taking quick naps between those free times at work since standing up leaves me feeling so much more awake! I adore all-things-white, but being a klutzy lady, I inevitably manage to ruin them on some occasion. Recently, I discovered that this is stain-resistant since no stains were visible on the legs despite accidentally spilling macchiato on them. The metal frame is quite lovely. It appears to be rather tidy, and it is quite substantial. I can picture myself using this workstation for a very considerable time. It is well-constructed. I admire this label's customer care! They reply promptly and are extremely patient with their clientele. I was initially enraged, yet they addressed it admirably.” Morgan I.

“I'm not usually one to write a review, but this was an exemption to that rule. I just wanted to mention that this is an absolute delight to be working in! I'm unable to picture working sans it at the moment. I purchased this standing desk because my spouse already owns one. As a writer, he is required to write for long days at his station. However, destiny intervened, and I managed to snag it for myself. I'll simply get another for him just because every office employee deserves this! I adore the coloring of this ergonomically designed workstation. It's really understated and will fit into any environment. Additionally, it is suited for professional offices. This flexible desk is strong, solid, and aesthetically pleasing. The motor runs silently. For me, the height range is ideal. Additionally, the bamboo desk is simply too adorable to risk losing! I dig it.” - Maybel C.

Under Desk Bike V9U

Move while you work! The Best Standing Desk Mate is your perfect buddy for working out as you keep yourself busy with your professional obligations. The compact design keeps it very easy to move around or even tuck away when it is not in use. You do not even need to lift a finger to install this because it comes to your doorstep with no assembly needed!

Excellent for increasing endurance while also exercising my mind. Combining the two forces me to improve. This under-desk bike is ideal for individuals who strive to complete all of their career and personal obligations within a 24-hour period. Now that I'm exercising and working concurrently, I'm sleeping better.” - Greg F.

Now that you have an idea of what are the best ergonomic choices for your office, why don't you go ahead and get yourself the best furniture to get you in your best shape as you work towards your dreams, goals, and aspirations?