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Desk Converter Checklist for Black Friday 2022

09 November 2022

As we approach the year's end, the holiday season is nearly upon us. As a rule of thumb, we are all bound to get caught up in the shopping frenzy that extends throughout the year. Kicking off all that is black Friday, which has become one of the most critical days in the economy for several retailers. Most sellers usually offer amazing deals that enable avid shoppers to get more items for less. However, in the shopping frenzy, you can get carried away in one area and miss out on incredible offers from other companies. Worse yet, poor budgeting could find you unprepared for the big day or even see you spending outrageously.

One seller with all your needs and wants at heart is Flexispot which has put together a set of amazing deals on all your ergonomic needs. In particular, the company's offers on desk converters are designed to enable you to purchase more devices for a dramatically lower price. For those unfamiliar with desk converters, they are a clever piece of engineering that lets you modify your desk for the added capability of sitting and standing while working. With the many detriments of sitting all day in offices being well documented, desk converters took the market by storm as employers rushed to install them in offices for employee health.

Moreover, the recent pandemic only served to highlight the need for them as most of us were forced to work from offices, at the risk of being glued to our seats even more. For some of us, remote working has become the new normal, with home offices becoming a staple in most houses. To safely get about this, ergonomic furniture is a must-have in our offices because of its ability to mitigate the numerous workplace hazards we encounter. As such, a desk converter is one ergonomic device you should consider for your office as you reap benefits such as reduced musculoskeletal injuries that cause back and neck pain, improved morale, and better productivity. At Flexispot, several incredible offers on a host of desk converters are sure to blow you away. Check out below for a desk converter that will transform your workstation.

AlcoveRiser M7Z Bamboo Standing desk converter

Among the most popular desk converters, the AlcoveRiser is made from bamboo, which is among the most sustainable materials for furniture-making. As such, it is highly eco-friendly, which will be a massive concern for those who are conscious of the environment. That's not even half of the AlcoveRiser's strengths; it is designed with several height adjustments that cater to all your needs. Essentially, you can raise or lower the height of your desk to nearly any height which is very convenient for those whose workstations are shared.

Moreover, the M7Z has a fast-fall prevention mechanism that prevents it from suddenly dropping to your desired height. It is very handy because converters that lack it may experience abrupt drops that can put your equipment at risk of falling or even injuring you. Flexispot works around this by installing a system that ensures smooth operation to and from your desired height adjustments while supporting its total load capacity. With a U-shaped 34.1" wide desktop cutout, the desktop converter can support laptops up to 17" wide while ensuring you can easily install and remove your devices. Lastly, the AlcoveRiser is made with a carbonized coating of 2H lacquer, making it resistant to water and scratches for better durability.

M4 ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter

The M4 ClassicRiser is another popular Flexispot desk converter that is sure to catch you this coming black Friday. With a desktop that can support loads of up to 35 lbs, you can adjust the height of your desk with minimal effort. Its easy-to-operate system only requires you to squeeze the hand bar and raise it with light effort. The ClassicRiser is also adjustable to different height settings, so it can easily accommodate multiple users. This is perfect if you are employed in an office with a hot-desk set-up because the height adjustments accommodate most people.

In addition, it has a removable keyboard tray which is convenient in need of replacement; the tray is extra-wide, meaning you can keep a full-size keyboard and other devices such as mice. The extra room in the keyboard tray is also designed to allow your wrists a resting surface while typing for better comfort and health. Finally, the M4 desk converter is specially designed, giving it an exquisite aesthetic appeal that will surely match your workstation.

GoRiser Standing desk converter ML2

The GoRiser is a standing desk converter that will give you smooth sailing if first impressions are anything to go by. First, it arrives fully assembled, meaning there are no additional steps aside from setting it up in your workstation. While assembling your new equipment might sound fun, it is easy to miss a step or two and end up frustrated as your desk converter won't adjust its height.

Flexispot has you covered because the ML2 requires no assembly, meaning you can start enjoying its ergonomic benefits minutes after it gets to you. In addition, it has a sleek design that will fit seamlessly into your other workstation equipment while ensuring durability with its steel frame. The strong steel frame has a skid-resistant base that prevents scratches on your desk. Finally, the GoRiser is made to rise in a straight vertical motion, which means you can maximize space in small workstations.

M3B ClassicRiser Standing desk converters

The M3 is another product in the ClassicRiser series of desk converters. It has a steel frame ensures stability once you place your work equipment, supporting a maximum load capacity of 35 lbs. Despite this, you can easily adjust its height by squeezing the bar and gently lifting it or lowering it with similar ease. In addition, it has various height adjustment settings, which means it can accommodate different people with ease; you and your colleagues can essentially shift between sitting and standing at work using the converter.

Moreover, the M3 ClassicRiser is made with a removable keyboard compartment that functions as a tray. It is extra wide, meaning you can easily fit a typical keyboard and other devices. The extra surface also lets your wrists rest for better musculoskeletal health while working. If you are working in a space-sensitive station, this desk converter is a perfect option this black Friday because it is designed to adjust vertically while ensuring stability. Lastly, you need not worry about scratching your desk’s surface with the steel frame because the pads on its base prevent this.

AlcoveRiser M7 Standing desk converter

Although not made from bamboo like similar products in the AlcoRiser series, the M7 will improve your working experience. It is an elegant desk converter with a steel frame designed for heavy-duty as it can support up to 33 lbs. It means that you can seamlessly integrate it into your workstation and safely place most of your necessary work devices on the desktop without the risk of toppling over. The stability is further improved by its mechanism that involves a set of high-quality gas springs that smoothly let you lift and lower it. The stable base is also designed to prevent shaking that can disrupt your work, while each is fitted with rubber pads that minimize skidding and scratching on your desk.

The rubber padding is also on its keyboard, which is extra wide to accommodate multiple devices and ergonomics. They are also on the desktop's underside, preventing crashing as you lower it. The anti-crashing mechanism is also designed with a braced lift structure that prevents sudden drops that can cause crashes or spills. The desktop is also environmentally friendly as it is made from smooth and even MDF. Finally, the M7 AlcoveRiser comes with a mounting grommet that lets you install a monitor, which is convenient because it frees up your desktop's surface for your other work equipment. Visit Flexispot's website this black Friday for a chance to get it at a steal.

Flexispot M2B Standing desk converter

The final product on our list, the M2B is an effective desk converter that you should consider during your black Friday shopping exploits for various reasons. First, it is designed with up to 12 different height adjustment settings meaning multiple can comfortably use it. With a minimum of 5.9" and a maximum of 19.7", it can effectively be adjusted to the preferences of most people, whether you are short or tall. Despite the various height options, the M2B remains stable while you raise and lower it because of the expert mechanism involving a gas spring. The height is also easy to adjust using just one hand, unlike other desks, while requiring minimal assembly.

Its steel frame enables it to support a maximum load of 35 lbs at any height, while its smooth vertical lift system keeps it straight while in motion to save up on space in your office station. Lastly, the M2B is elegant despite being made for relatively heavy duty, with a sleek design that can improve the aesthetic of your workstation. Having seen the various desk converters on sale this black Friday, you can now visit the Flexispot website for your pick of the product that fits your preference, all at unbelievable deals.