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Exquisite Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers

17 December 2021

We all have that one friend (or even family member) who spends more time in the gym than outside it. And honestly, surprising them with a gift can be a challenge sometimes because their workout spaces are fully set up with all the fitness gear you can think of. Some even have workout bags bursting with ergonomic workout wears and have perfected their routines down to a science. But guess what! Finding an excellent gift for the gym lover in your life isn't that difficult.

Whether a beginner fitness enthusiast or a certified fitness devotee, there's always something you can add to their fitness setup to make workouts more efficient and productive for them. And whatever more, the Christmas season is the best time to get a gift for a gym lover. That's simply because the new year is by the corner, and they're probably making resolutions and plans to step up their game in the new year. What time could be better for gifting them something to help their fitness journey?

So yes, you're right on time and in the right place, too, if you're looking for the best gift for your gym-loving friend now. We've compiled a list of 15 exquisite Christmas gift ideas for Gym lovers. You'll find something for your friend in this list irrespective of your budget and their unique needs. You might win the best gifter badge.

FlexiSpot Desk Bike

FlexiSpot Desk Bike

Long work hours sometimes bite into a gym lover's workout time, which they do not appreciate, although you can't always help it. A FlexiSpot desk bike is exactly what a fitness lover needs to beat the passive nature of desk work.

And although it cannot replace actual exercise, it is the best alternative for keeping fit on those days when work seems overwhelming. Cycling while reviewing reports and replying to emails helps him, or her stay active and keeps the heart pumping like it would during an actual workout.

This desk bike is height adjustable and can be used with a regular desk and a standing desk for more activity. It has strong caster wheels for movement and can easily be stored away under a desk. It's the most convenient way to not miss workouts, even on the busiest day.



If your fitness enthusiast friend does not already own a treadmill, now is the best time to get him one. It's winter already, and he won't be able to run his favorite 3 miles track for a while. A treadmill will ensure he keeps running even when he can't step outside the door.

When choosing a treadmill, you should consider your friend's storage space. A foldable treadmill with wheels will do best for people with small spaces. It will also be more convenient for storage. Just ensure the treadmill you choose is the most suitable for your friend. You could consult an expert for help before buying one.

Resistance Band Bar

While weights and accessories are essential for public gyms, home gym users are not always keen on weights. Especially because they can take up limited space. A resistance band bar is a perfect solution to this problem. Attaching a resistance band to both ends of the bar easily transforms it into weights for strength-building home workouts.

If you've got a gym-loving friend or family member that's been talking about strength training exercises of late but does not have the right tools to do so at home, this is the perfect Christmas gift to get them. It can be easily stored away and does not take up much space, making it a delightful gift for a gym lover. Particularly a home gym user.

Pairing it with a resistance band (if he doesn't own one) will do wonders for both of you. It will not only expand their workout routines, but it will also create a larger room for you in their hearts.

Smart Fitness Watch

A fitness tracker is one of the best gifts for a beginner fitness enthusiast and a pro. And a smart fitness watch is the most convenient fitness tracker ever. It tracks movement, speed, heart rate, and many other fitness metrics depending on the sophistication of the smartwatch you choose. Some even track sleep patterns and blood oxygen levels.

The combination of fitness tracking and the other desirable features of a smartwatch has made a smart fitness watch a must-have for everyone interested in fitness. It is a great Christmas gift option for a gym lover. Plus, smartwatches are more budget-friendly when compared to other fitness gear.

Smart Scale

Smart Scale

Unlike the regular scales that measure just your height, a smart scale measures multiple body composition metrics. It measures weight, lean body mass, body fat mass, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, metabolic age, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and many other metrics that help people keep track of their fitness.

Gifting a smart scale to someone trying to reduce body fat or increase muscles will make this Christmas memorable for them. It provides an excellent means to keep track of their fitness journey. Most smart scales allow for multiple user accounts, meaning this gift will also be useful to you should you decide to jump on the fitness train.

Massage Guns

Massage Guns

Most gym users experience muscle soreness after workouts. And muscle soreness is usually very discomforting and takes time to ease. A massage gun uses percussive therapy to loosen tight spots and relieve sore muscles, which is why every gym user needs a massage gun. Particular home gym users. It is also why a massage gun is one of the best gifts you can give a gym lover this Christmas. You will find several brands of massage guns online; look out for which brings the best value in line with your budget.

Exercise Dice

An exercise dice is very useful for days when there's no motivation to perform workouts. If you have a friend or family member that's new at workouts, an exercise dice will help motivate them to work out even on lazy days. No preps or workout plan is needed. Roll the dice and determine what workout to do for the day. It is also a fun way to get all family members to exercise from time to time. Not to mention the fact that it is a super budget-friendly gift option.

Ear Buds

Headphones were the best companions for gym lovers during workouts until earbuds came along a few years ago. Now, it isn't easy to enjoy a workout session without earbuds. Gift your gym-loving friend a pair of noise-canceling earbuds and record the excitement on their face. You'll love the experience.

However, in choosing an earbud, remember the user will need to hear his surroundings sometimes for safety. So find one with a transparency mode that will allow the user to hear the sounds in the environment when necessary.

Workout Clothes

Workout Clothes

Workout clothes are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when picking a gift for a gym lover, but it is a very important option. Workout clothes can never be enough considering the amount of beating they have to take. An ergonomic pair of workout clothes will beat much-needed plus to your friend's fitness gear. The ideal workout clothes should be soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. It should also be of high-quality material for durability because it will take a lot of washing.

Gym Water Bottle

Gym Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated during workouts is non-negotiable. And yes, we are aware that your fitness-loving friend already has a water bottle, but that doesn't mean you can't find a sleeker and more functional one for them. In addition to keeping water cold for up to 24hours, some water bottles are also self-cleaning. They come with a UV water purifier that cleanses the water. You could get one of these for your friend. Trust us; they will appreciate it.

Gym Bags

A good gym bag is as important as good workout clothes for a gym regular. Ideally, a good gym bag should comfortably hold workout clothes, shoes, and fitness snacks while fitting nicely into a gym locker. It also needs to be very durable to last through consistent usage. So getting one as a gift for a gym lover is a great idea. Even if he already has one, he'll appreciate having an extra to alternate with. That way, both bags will last longer for him.

Portable Blender

Smoothies and fruit shakes make workouts more enjoyable. If in doubt, ask the gym nut closest to you. A portable blender is useful for making smoothies on the go. It helps gym users make fresh fruit shakes and smoothies instead of buying from vendors or artificially preserved shakes from stores. It essentially helps fitness by encouraging hygienic drinks.

Most portable blenders are rechargeable, so they can easily be charged and carried along for a trip to the gym or even a hiking trip. For example, the BlendJet one portable blende,r for example, can make 8 to 12 beverages on a single charge. You can easily get one of them from Target or Walmart. It is an amazing gift for a fitness enthusiast.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

After hours of intensive workouts, a gym user is typically covered in sweat (and oils sometimes). The hair is not excluded. While a quick shower will take care of the sweat and oils on your body, the hair will require shampooing to come clean. But daily shampooing is not very healthy for the hair because it strips the hair of natural oils, and a gym user workouts every day. That's where dry shampoo comes in.

With just a few sprays, the right dry shampoo rids the hair of sweat, oil, and odors. It enables one to maintain clean hair without having to shampoo daily. Dry shampoo should be in every gym bag. So go on and get one for your friend.

Workout Shoes

Workout Shoes

Workout shoes are a big deal for gym lovers. And that's understandable because the workout shoes they wear can determine how good a workout session turns out. While you can use most sneakers for different activities, workout shoes are usually designed for specific kinds of workouts. A great shoe for running might not be the best for lifting weight. It's something every experienced gym user knows, even though all sneakers might look the same to someone not given to workouts.

So yes, a pair of workout shoes is a great gift for a fitness lover this Christmas. But first, find out the types of workouts that form their routine and find the best shoes for them. Your efforts will pay off more than you can imagine.

Protein Bar Packs

A fully packed gym bag will always feel incomplete without protein bar packs. Protein bars are very important to gum users looking to reduce fat because it helps them stay fuller for longer and reduce snacking in between meals. A day without a protein bar could cause a slip into old habits for a newbie. There's no better way to encourage them to keep going than to gift them packs of protein bars. And if you want to go all out and make an "I fully support you statement" with your gift, you can sign them up and pay for a protein bar subscription.

Stay healthy!

"Health is wealth," they say, and we agree. In the post-pandemic world, staying healthy has never been more important. Regular exercises keep you fit and help you stay healthy and less susceptible to diseases. So while you shop for your gym enthusiast friend, you should also consider buying one yourself. The health benefits are worth the effort.