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Flexispot 2022 Black Friday Buyer's Guide

23 November 2022

What are some must-have items you need for your home office?

Flexispot is yet again unveiling its deals for its Black Friday sale. Whether you have been pondering on updating your home or work office with a more ergonomic touch, this buying guide will be helpful for you to make the right decision on your much-needed change to your workstation. No matter if you need an ergonomic chair, an ergonomic desk, or more, you are likely to find the best deal for your needs.

Each deal is for one day only as listed in this buying guide. It will start from 00:00 PST to 23:59 PST. It will be the biggest deal on the flash sale. Be sure not to miss out on these great deals while the sale is going on. The great thing about this Black Friday sale is that it is a direct sale for all products. Some of these sales include:

Grab Free Orders & Gifts

This particular sale will start at 12 AM PST, 9 AM and 7 PM on November 25th and November 28th.

Be sure to be one of the first 50 purchases online during this time. You may end up getting a free order, 50% refunded, 20% refunded, or a free accessory!

At 9 AM PST on November 26th and 27th, be sure to be the first 20 purchases online during this time and you might get a free order or a free accessory!

If you are the first 3 online purchases, you will get 100%. If you are the first 4-10 online purchases, you will get 50% off refunded. If you are the first 11-20 online purchases, you will get a 20% refunded. Finally, if you are the first 21-50 online purchases, you will get a free phone holder.

Buy More, Save More Sale

This sale will start November 11th to November 30th.

Receive an automatic $30 discount at checkout for every $500 spent.

Whoever spends above $1500 will receive a dual motor for free (Limited to 50 customers).

Whoever spends more than $2500 will receive a Hermelen ergonomic chair (Limited to 2 customers).

Whoever spends more than $6000 will receive a Hermelen ergonomic chair (Limited to 2 customers).

Coupon Code

This will start November 9th to November 24th.

These coupon codes can be combined with other deals.

Limited Black Friday bonuses will be available on November 25th to November 28th.

Spend $5 and redeem $50 off Black Friday purchase coupon.

Spend $50 and redeem $110 off Black Friday purchase coupon.

Spend $100 and redeem $50 off Black Friday purchase coupon.

Things to keep in mind about this sale is that the order can't be refunded.

Everyone can purchase only one coupon.

This is a deal for one coupon per checkout, so be sure to choose to get one that fits well.

The coupon is limited. It is valid while the merchandise is available.

The coupon with this deal is only valid from November 25th to November 28th.

Wordle Game

You are eligible for one reward for every correct guess you give.

The prizes are for a $15 off coupon, $20 off coupon, $30 off coupon, $50 off coupon, $100 off coupon, and a free accessory coupon.

Prizes are given out at random. To redeem the reward, copy the discount code and enter it on the checkout page. If you don't want to redeem the reward right away, Flexispot will give you a voucher right away via email. Just be sure to provide your email address! Good luck!

All coupons are valid from November 9th to November 30th.

It is one coupon per checkout.

The prize will disappear once you close the pop-up window displaying it. To save it, you can provide your email address. You also will be able to play once per day while the game is available.

Points Mall

During the Black Friday period, all users who place orders will receive double points. This will be happening specifically from November 25th to November 30th.

Points can be redeemed in the points mall for the products you want, or they can be used as a discount credit later.

In order to get points, you first must be registered with Flexispot and subscribe to them so that you can get points. Shopping can also earn you points while being logged into their website.

Be sure to check the redemption points that will display in the shopping cart to see whether there is a corresponding way for you to earn points. If not, you must log in.

You can redeem everything at the Points Mall on Flexispot's website.

There are so many products to choose from including Ergonomic Chairs, Standing Desks, Desk Converters, Coffee Tables, and Gaming Chairs. Flexispot is the leading company for ergonomic office supplies. They have proven time and again that their goal for their customers is to have the best ergonomic designs so that it will lead to a healthier tomorrow. For more products and information on this sale, be sure to visit Flexispot's site here.