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FlexiSpot's Presidents' Day Events: Prices For Standing Desks Just Went Straight Down

17 February 2023

Americans have observed President's Day every third Monday of February for the last century and a half. Also known as Washington's Birthday, this is a day set aside to celebrate all people that have served as presidents of the United States. The inaugural celebration was held in honor of the country's first president, George Washington, who led the Continental Army to victory in the American Revolutionary War.

As the nation takes the day to reflect on the labor and dedication that goes into making and keeping this country great, Flexispot wants to be a part of the celebrations. Everyone has a role to play, and ours is giving you the most ergonomic furniture in the market at the best prices. Our specialty is ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable standing desks, electric adjustable bed frames, office workout equipment, and accessories to help your work setup run optimally.

Enjoy our Straight Down Campaign this Presidents Day, where we'll give you massive discounts on most of our pieces. We'll tell you about a few standing desks that are a must-have, why you should consider getting them this February, and how much you'll save by getting them during the sale.

Best Selling Standing Desks By FlexiSpot

It's not just a desk; it's a lifestyle.

A desk is such an integral part of your daily routine that it just needs to fit the bill. With so much variety in the market, you shouldn't have to compromise. So, here are 5 of Flexispot's best-selling sit-stand desks for your consideration during this President's Day Event.

The Must-Have Standing Desk– The Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

The E7 Pro Plus adjustable height standing desk is at the right balance of cost, efficiency, and reliability. Usually, the desk retails for $529.99, but this President's Day, the price will go straight down to $469.99, helping you save $60.

So, why do you need the Pro Plus E7 Standing Desk?

Top Reasons to Buy the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

Stellar Build Quality

The E7 sit-stand desk is one of the most delicately crafted desks compared to other desks in its class by competing brands. The frame columns are visibly thicker; the structure is made from durable solid carbon steel, and the entire desk is machined via industry-leading laser welding for a sleek, sturdy, and long-lasting finish.

Sleek Operations

The powerful dual motors allow for sleek movement, and the desk remains wobble-free even at the highest height. The E7 raising desk also comes with a premium keypad for automated rising and lowering, with the added benefit of programmable presets. And thanks to its motion sensors, the desk knows to stop when it comes across an obstacle in its path.


The E7 is a single desk that can serve a wide range of users and fit in diverse spaces. The reason for this is its height adjustability–the rising desk moves from a height of 22.8" to 48.4", accommodating users of most heights. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable frame that increases the width from 43.4' to 74.8", allowing tabletops of 47.2" to 80". You can also customize the desktop material to fit your style.

The Biggest Bargain–The Oval-Shaped Standing Desk E8

While most items will be on sale, when it comes to standing desks, the deal doesn't get better than the Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8. Usually, the desk retails for $589.99, but this President's Day, the price will go straight down to $439.99, which is our top savings at $150.

So, why do you need the Oval Shaped E8 Standing Desk?

Top Reasons to Buy the E8


The E8 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing raising desks. It has uniquely crafted, rounded legs, making it stand out in a sea of rectangular-shaped leg columns. The rounded curves add a soft aesthetic that is excellent for a home office or a more muted style. You can customize it with a beautiful wooden desktop, a bamboo desktop, or get one done in the finest graded chipboard. To keep things tidy, the E8 also comes with a built-in cable management tray to reign in all your cable mess.

Roomy Design

The E8 really nails it as a tall desk. The adjustable height standing desk goes higher than most, rising from a kids' standing desk height of 23.6" to 49.2". The width on the E8 is also adjustable to accommodate tabletops ranging from 47.2" to 80".

The Most Affordable on Our List– Pro Standing Desk E5

The Pro E5 is the most affordable stand-up desk on our list. Usually, the desk retails for $459.99, but this President's Day, the price will go straight down to $379.99, helping you save $80.

So, why do you need the Pro Standing Desk E5 Standing Desk?

Top Reasons To Buy the E5


The E5 is designed to be user-friendly with a dual motor lifting system for a sturdy, wobble-free raise. In addition, the desk comes with a cross-beam structure for smoother, more stable support for your activities. And as it is considered an entry-level sit-stand desk, the E5 has a programmable sit-stand reminder to help you make the most use of it.

Cost-Effective Family Choice

If you're looking for something to satisfy the whole family affordably, the E5 is it. Its height is adjustable from 24.4" to 50", accommodating users from 4'6" to 6'7". It also holds objects to a capacity of 220 lbs, which should be enough for most objects found on a workstation. And at its low price, it feels like quite the bargain.

The High-End Choice– Comhar Pro Q8

The Comhar Pro is one of our most sought-after standing desks for its uncompromised high quality. Usually, the Comhar Pro retails for $799.99, but this President's Day, the price will go straight down to $729.99, helping you save $70.

So, why do you need the Comhar Pro Standing Desk?

Top Reasons To Buy the Comhar Pro Q8?

Award-Winning Design

The Comhar Pro Q8 was mentioned in the IDA Design Awards 2022, and it's not hard to see why. The white-framed bamboo standing desk is the epitome of elegance and one of our most beautiful units. The enhanced structure is more durable than most while retaining a softness thanks to the rounded leg columns. It also incorporates an embedded drawer on the side and a cable tray underneath that both flush into the desk's design to stay out of sight.

Advanced Accessories

Besides the usual premium keypad with many preset functions, the Comhar Pro is the standing desk of the future. The keypad has a regular USB Type-A port and now also has a USB-C to support devices of the day. But not just that, the Comhar also has wireless charging built-in that supports most of your devices with capability.

The Most Premium Choice–FlexiSpot's Odin E7Q Standing Desk

The E7Q is a crafted manifestation of the Old Norse god, Odin, as it's also aptly named. Usually, the Odin E7Q retails for $1099.99, but this President's Day, the price will go straight down to $999.99, helping you save $100.

So, why do you need the Odin E7Q Standing Desk?

Top Reasons To Buy The Odin E7Q Standing Desk

Sheer Strength

Odin was a god of war, and figuratively speaking, so is the E7Q. It is built like a tank with 4 reinforced leg beams that make the stand-up desk less prone to bending or deformation. The solid carbon steel used in construction is responsible for the desk's sturdiness and durability.

The desk's structural integrity is especially handy with the motor's total loading capacity of 440 lbs. Three regular adults could sit on this desk without so much as a flinch. Also, expanded to its maximum width of 74.8", the holding capacity allows multiple users with multiple devices to comfortably use the table for joint activities.

Next-Level Lift Technology

The desk comes with 4 motors. Thanks to flexispot's linear drive technology, even loaded to capacity, the Odin has a high lifting speed of 1.5" per second. What gives this monstrous table unmatched efficiency is that the Odin is designed to be more robust, more powerful, and more intelligent in its operation.

Get Ready For President's Day!

It doesn't end there because we'll also run the Buy More, Save More Campaign.

We want you to get all the accessories that pair with your standing desk without paying through the nose. So, as we officially mark the President's Day Event beginning February 20th to the 26th, you get $50 off when you spend $600, $90 off for $900 spent, $120 off for $1200 spent, and $150 off for $1500 spent.

We will also have more exciting coupons and flash sales throughout the season, so save the date and get your cards ready!