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FlexiSpot Standiversary: Try Your Luck

24 September 2021

September 2021 is the most exciting month at FlexiSpot. Not just because it's the start of the Fall season but because FlexiSpot brings you all the most exciting anniversary treats for all the patrons and subscribers that have been there for the company. It has been a 5-year journey for the most sought-after provider of the standing desk, stand-up desk, and sit-stand desk. FlexiSpot continues to soar higher and stand out in the competition because of your outpouring support; hence it's time to give back the gratitude to all of you. 

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Engineering that Caters to Your Needs

For years, FlexiSpot has engineered the most brilliant ergonomic pieces that have helped workers protect themselves from the threat of biomechanical pain such as spine strain and muscle spasms. They have innovated award-winning ergo products such as the Deskcise Pro V9 that you could use as an office chair and a fitness chair. FlexiSpot has also created environmentally friendly sit-stand desks like the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. Each of their ergonomic products is genuinely world-class. So, as they celebrate their fifth anniversary this 2021, they aim to give back to the loyal subscribers and users that have experienced life-changing ergonomic protection. 


The Standiversary Event

The Standiversary event is the much-awaited activity at FlexiSpot from September 27-29. It's an event with lots of surprising products and treats! In this event, you would be able to try your luck and get the jackpot prizes. The Standiversary activities like the Spin&Win, Turn $5 to $50, and 9.27s Challenge would give you multiple chances to own the best ergonomic products at FlexiSpot. 

A Glimpse of Each Event

You can experience the most exciting activities at the Standiversary. The three main events at the anniversary week can give you the chance to own standing desks such as desk converters and the Seiffen Standing Desk. So, buckle up to see how you can participate in the games.


a. Spin&Win

At this event, you can have your dream product. Just spin the wheel and get the chance to win exciting coupons and standing desks! You have one free spin at this event. So, you have to log in, subscribe, and share this event with your friends if you want to get more spins. Spin the wheel and the coupon that you're going to win from this event is valid from September 27-29. 

To make you feel more excited about this event, FlexiSpot will also let you win a gift card, a secret gift card that you will surely get ecstatic from, and discounts like $50 off for a $500-purchase, and $150 off for your $1000 purchase. So, if you plan to take a chance on this event, then spin the wheel because the last week of September might be your moment! 

Turn $5 to $50

b. Turn $5 to $50

Suppose you're a bit skeptical about winning at the Spin&Win. In that case, the next activity is still a sure win because your $5 could give you a massive discount on your purchase of three sought-after ergonomic products. One of these products might be yours.The Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk e2al, Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad, and the Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01 are the products you would see. 

What you can do here is deposit $5 first until September 26. Then, check your email for the voucher code. That code is what you will use to discount your purchase of any of the three products we mentioned. You can avail of this discount from September 27-29. So, once you do this, you could indeed own one of these fantastic products from FlexiSpot. What's advantageous about this is you could certainly have one of these items for your use or as a gift this coming holiday. Imagine the $50-saving that you can have upon purchasing the product. So, check out the website, start depositing $5 and wait for the voucher code in your inbox. 

9.27s Challenge

c. 9.27s Challenge

If you are an enthusiast of timer games, then this Challenge is the most recommendable for you. It's because by clicking the timer button on the platform, you might win exciting prizes like the Comhar Standing Desk EW8 at the lottery pool. There would be lucky winners that they would announce on October 7. Aside from Comhar, you can also enjoy other exciting prizes at this Challenge. It can be tricky because you need to hit the exact timestamps to win the jackpot prizes. What's exciting about it is, you can try over and over to catch the precise timestamp. So, hurry up because the period of this activity has already started and it will end on September 30. If you luckily win a coupon, then you may check your email after doing the Challenge because there might be a code that you would see in your inbox. Indeed, it will excite you very much when you take a chance on this Challenge. Hence, try it now before September ends. 

These are the most exciting events that you can experience at the Standiversary. If you are still hesitant, we'll give you the reasons to take a bet on this event and try your best to win the dream products. 

Final Thoughts

Standiversary is FlexiSpot's way to build a larger community of patrons who stand to benefit from the best ergonomic products on the market. It's another way of helping the company expand and give back to all the people who have supported them. So, join the fun now and try your luck at the Standiversary. 

Good luck!