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The Best 2022 Black Friday Deal For Our Varieties of Ergonomic Office Accessories

08 November 2022

It's not enough to shift from the traditional workplace setting to working from the comfort of your home office or garden pod. You need to go the extra mile by ensuring that the workspace has all the essential office accessories that'll make you work more effectively.

Luckily for you, Flexispot is here with another edition of the Black Friday sale. Here's the opportunity for you to improve your work life because most of these accessories and other ergonomic pieces of furniture designed by Flexispot will be available at discounted prices.

And if you are an employer, we assure you that these accessories are the best gifts you should give your workers. Meanwhile, you can see it as an investment because the pace at which they execute tasks will be tripled and they'll also live a happier life both at home and at work.

Isn't that a win-win situation? Now, you should remember that these exciting deals are only available for the Black Friday season. So you should grab these amazing accessories while they are available. Let's roll!

Luxurious and Reliable Ergonomic Office Accessories Designed by Flexispot

As we discuss these pieces one after the other, you should note that they have undergone several product safety tests and they meet international standards.

This means that all the accessories are tested and trusted to make life in the office more fun-filled and easier for you.

Bamboo Under Desk Drawer S09-BB

The Under Desk Drawer S09-BB is designed to keep your office clean and organized always. And you can also use it to easily save all your office supplies and personal effects such as sticky notes, pens, pencils, and notebooks.

While doing this, you'll come to further understand that a clutter-free workstation is a stimulant for enhanced employee efficiency.

Apart from being the fastest growing plant on Earth, the bamboo trees used in designing Under Desk Drawer S09-BB is organically grown and harvested without the aid of fertilizers or pesticide.

So if you're an environmentalist with a preference for office products sustainably built, you should place the order for this under desk drawer.

Another advantage that the desk drawer offers is that its metal brackets have been connected to the lower region of the drawer. So this makes it impossible for the drawer to spill its contents or fall out even when you pull the entire drawer out.

Concerning installation, Under Desk Drawer S09-BB should also be your go-to choice because all the components can be fixed within 4 minutes and the process comes with no stress.

Meanwhile, we've tried to cut you from unnecessary purchases. So you should note that the drawer is compatible with every other height-adjustable standing desk manufactured by Flexispot.

NIU Kick Scooter KQi2 Pro

Here is another office accessory that'll keep you fit and active all through the daily hustles and bustles. And the Pro electric kick scooter is reputable in the market due to its 600W output and 300W motor.

While using this device, it offers a 15% hill-grade climbing capacity and can produce maximum speeds of 17.4mph.

Another extraordinary perk that the NIU KQi2 Pro electric kick scooter gives its user is that it is powered by a high-grade 365Wh lithium battery alongside specialized braking as high as 25 miles.

Together with the NIU BMS monitors, it's not a fallacy that other brands follow while this masterpiece built by Flexispot leads the pack.

The scooter will also give you a comfy and safe touch, especially with the enhanced 10-inch tires. These tires are built to offer remarkable shock absorption. And on the other hand, the braking system also delivers a more stabilized and safer stopping.

Flowing from above, the mechanical belt, high-powered Halo light at the front, and braking lights will keep you fit and in perfect shape. And apart from giving you sound and healthy in the office, it also encourages you to build robust relationships with family members and friends.

In other words, you'll live a life free of mental and emotional exhaustion.

Now that the LED display and NIU App through Bluetooth have been incorporated, the KQi2 Pro electric scooter is rebranded to serve you better.

For example, you can check the statistics after every riding session, choose to deactivate the machine to avoid unwanted interferences, or even personalize your cruise control and speed.

You'll also have the chance to go more intense while riding because the custom NIU grip tape will help you match the kick scooter with your best-loved kicks.

EB012 Adjustable Bed Base

Would you love to experience a transformed and more intense nighttime rest? Your answer lies in EB012 adjustable bed base.

This means that you need to get rid of that old and creaky bed base in your bedroom. The most interesting part of this piece of furniture is that you can pair it up with most mattresses. Yours is latex, memory foam, gel, or hybrid? EB012 Adjustable Bed Base works with them all!

According to your favorite angle and other preferences, you can adjust the bed base to give you a perfect head incline between 0° and 60°. And you can also regulate the foot incline from 0° to 35° until you find the best angle.

But of what essence are the foot and head inclines? You'll be free from snoring, back pain, and swelling. Meanwhile, your heart health will pace up and the acid reflux in your body system will be sufficiently addressed.

Or do you have a pregnant spouse? The EB012 adjustable bed base should be your first gift for her because it is built to strike out every trace of discomfort associated with sleeping in awkward positions.

Going further, we will recommend that you also invest in this bed base if you're suffering from back pain or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The base has a weight capacity of 600 lbs, so you have the freedom to lie down in any position of your choice without worrying about its stability.

It is very easy to install and it comes with anti-slip felt stickers and a retainer bar to provide you with the needed support and defense.

We also understand that you might have other under-bed storage purposes, so the bed legs are available in 3 different height levels - 3", 6", and 9". Go for your choice!

It has 6 legs, so tipping over is not possible here. Get your EB012 adjustable bed base here and now!

Foldable Treadmill 06, 2.25HP

The Foldable Treadmill 06 has a very big multifunction LCD screen display and this feature will easily show you your steps, exercise time, calories, distance, and speed, and keep close tabs on your progress.

And you can also add your smartphone during the session to make it more fun. You should also note that the Foldable Treadmill operates with almost no noise.

This is due to the electronic controllers and 2.25HP power motor that produce a silent running experience. These two components also stabilize your running speed between 0.5 MPH and 7.5 MPH (1-12 km per hour).

Even during emergencies, the treadmill has been programmed to enter into immediate and automatic shutdown mode. This means that you have no cause to worry as far as safety is concerned.

Also, the 800W motor aids optimal performance for running, jogging, walking, and other aerobic exercises that you can engage in while at home. However, you should note that these activities are not limited to the house alone.

Even if you work using the traditional workplace setting, all you have to do is probably set apart a time to leave your desk and let off the steam using the treadmill. For instance, this can be during recess time.

To give you a more effective workout experience, the Foldable Treadmill 06, 2.25HP has a 39.4" by 14" anti-slip and shock-absorbing running belt.

And what the belt does is make your walking or running exercise smoother without causing discomfort on your ankles or knees.

The anti-slip running belt also reduces the noise so that your neighbor or anyone close by won't have to know how hard you're exercising or even be disturbed by the movements.

Bamboo Monitor Stand MS001

This Bamboo Monitor Stand is ergonomically designed to elevate your monitor. That way, you'll easily build and maintain eye contact with the screen without back pain and/or neck strains.

It'll also serve as a mini desktop apart from your main desk and that's another simple way to create a clutter-free workstation. Other than decluttering, you'll also enjoy the thrills that accompany an organized, clean, and tidy office.

The board of the monitor stand is made of original bamboo and our team of engineers adopted that idea to give your office a more homely and eco-friendly appearance. The desktop will also help you wage war against pollutants or chemicals.

Meanwhile, each leg has plastic pads fixed on it to ensure that your desktop does not develop any scratches or dents.

The monitor stand is also easy to install. Within two minutes, it's all done! All you have to do is screw the legs together and you fetch the desktop stand to make your work more comfortable. Easy-peasy!

Bottom Up

Other than the accessories discussed above, you stand a chance to grab more ergonomic products designed by Flexispot during the Black Friday sale.

So you should maximize all the yummy and exciting offers that come with the season. Remember that it's our way of appreciating you for staying loyal to Flexispot and making sure everyone has access to a healthy life, especially at work.

We also have ergonomic office chairs and height-adjustable standing desks available for grabs all at discounted prices. Go Flexispot!