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Top Accessories You Need to Complete Your Ergonomic Space

01 July 2024

Gone are when the price was the only consideration when purchasing office equipment. Nowadays, ergonomics is the primary consideration for most when selecting equipment for their offices due to the many health benefits. The need was only magnified by the recent pandemic that resulted in millions of workers suddenly being confined to their offices, particularly at home. Ergonomics refers to considering an individual's well-being while designing workspaces or even the accessories around them. It is supported by research showing that improving the working conditions of employees significantly raises their productivity and, consequently, company revenue.

Sitting at the same place on end, for instance, will result in several workplace injuries. It is due to hazards that can be addressed using various accessories that significantly improve the ergonomic capability of your space. They include backache, neck pain, wrist pain, headache, shoulder pain, and eye strain. Thus, great emphasis is placed on the need for ergonomics in every setup as it will undoubtedly improve how you feel while and after working at your desk. The accessories go a long way towards improving your overall well-being and should be highly considered.

Standing Desk

One of the primary recommendations made for ergonomic setups involves standing desks. It s because up to 80 percent of the day is spent by workers sitting down, exposing them to an increased risk for developing health issues tied to their sedentary lifestyles. If you can relate to this, a standing desk is perhaps the first accessory you should consider to create an ergonomic space. They are iterations of typical office desks but with a modern design that ensures you do not end up sitting at your workstation all day. Standing desks promise better health, removing common workplace injuries like back pain.

The benefits of periodically standing up at your workstation are supported by further research indicating that it can reduce chances of early mortality by at least 35 percent. As such, they are being championed as a critical protagonist in making workspaces more ergonomic. In this regard, FlexiSpot is an industry leader regarding standing desks, as evidenced by their high-quality products that considerably improve your health outcomes while ensuring the aesthetics of your space are considered concerning design. The FlexiSpot E7 standing desk is one such that promises to considerably improve how you work with less back pain and an even better mood.

The E7 is a top-of-the-range model that is relatively easy to assemble and has a large carrying capacity meaning it can support the weight of most things you would place on its surface. In addition, it has an electric raising and lowering mechanism that offers smooth transitions to any height. It promises to allow slick interchange between sitting and standing with minimal disturbance to coworkers, significantly reducing back pain and improving blood circulation. The adjustable height presets let you place your arms and wrists correctly for minimal strain while working.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Injuries to the wrists are among the most common in the workplace. They are typically caused by computer accessories such as keyboards whose traditional designs are known to cause significant harm to you as you type. As such, ergonomic keyboards incorporate techniques that ensure your wrists and hands are placed in their natural resting positions for less strain and injury. Despite their unconventional appearances, ergonomic keyboards effectively reduce the incidence and severity of injuries to your hand and wrists. The best iterations have separate sections that let your positioning remain natural for better musculoskeletal health.

Similarly, modern mice are designed in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the structure of your hands. Instead of traditional ones that assume one size fits all, they are specifically designed for your writing. The "claw shape" that normal mice force your hand to makes it inappropriate for its well-being; ergonomic mice thus seek to reduce strain with an innovative design. It improves their ergonomic capabilities by enabling your hand to remain in its natural position while using the mouse for less stress to the wrists and hands. If you frequently rely on your mouse while working, consider an ergonomic one that will prioritize the well-being of your hands for better health and increased productivity. The repetitive actions on a touchpad or external mouse can result in significant stress building up in your wrists and even fingers. If you experience this, pay great attention to the design of the mouse you wish to purchase, ensuring it accommodates the unique shape of your hand.

Laptop stand

If you usually use a laptop while working in your office, then you are likely to suffer the effects of its screen's low height. Research shows that computer displays placed too high or too low can significantly impact your health. The strain can affect your musculoskeletal structure, causing injuries and pain to your neck, back, shoulders, and even head. It is typical of laptop displays meaning that you should consider a stand that will raise the screen to your preferred height so that you can stop tilting your back while working or bending too much. The recommended size for the display is level with your eyes so that you do not have to strain seeing in any way while working in your space. Despite being able to change the position of the laptop display's height using even a few books, the stand lets you hold it in place sturdily to ensure its safety even when adjusting the size on standing desks.

Monitor arm

Alternatively, for those that have PCs, a monitor arm is the best option. They are designed to hold your PC’s monitor in place with an arm that lets you adjust its position to ensure that you view the display at the correct angles to avoid strain on different body parts. As an alternative to people with laptops, the arm is just as efficient at reducing stress while squinting your eyes to read something on display. In addition, it lets you free up more space on your desks for greater mobility and less clutter. It can also let you adjust the monitor's height to fit your current standing desk height and significantly reduce incidences of workplace injury. The Flexispot F6 is a high-quality monitor arm that offers excellent ease of adjusting any PC monitor's viewing angles, reducing neck and eye strain.

Anti-fatigue mat

If you use a standing desk, a fatigue mat is necessary. It is designed to aid you while standing by improving your health in several ways. Anti-fatigue mats are made to allow your feet to retain their natural positions when you switch between sitting and standing at your desk all day. The capability reduces injury to your feet and musculoskeletal system in general, improving the outcomes of standing exercises while working at your desk. Anti-fatigue mats are developed using durable material that lets you use them frequently without wear. In addition, they can support a variety of body shapes and sizes so that you can reduce fatigue in your feet while using standing desks or even simply taking breaks in your space. Others have unique features that let you shift your standing position with positive outcomes for your body health.