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New Year Sales 2023: FlexiSpot Offers

02 January 2023

As we approach the new year, it is time to make your home or work office look brand new. You may have seen this already, but Flexispot has a variety of sales that will help you achieve this goal. We have our pre-sales, flash sales, direct sales and more deals to ensure you get what you want at an affordable price. Check out the details below:

Flexispot Pre-sales

We have entered our new year pre-sale from December 26 2022, to January 9 2023. Throughout the pre-sales, we will be offering Flexispot products at discounted prices. We offer unbelievable bargains you can't put off buying for yourself, your family, your home or your workplace. Check out the below deals and take advantage of our special discounts before they expire:

Flexispot hand crank height adjustable desk H1, $169.99 (Original $259.99) Discount $90

Back pain caused by long hours of sitting? The Flexispot H1 Height Adjustable Desk is a beautiful and easy-to-use height-adjustable desk that fits anywhere with no electrical cords. Powered by a hand crank, the H1 allows you to adjust your work surface more easily. It has no electrical outlets to deal with and can be pre-ordered now while supplies last.

Flexispot Comhar all-in-one standing desk EG8B, $424.99 (Original $499.99) Discount $75

The Comhar EG8B is a 3-in-1 standing desk that can be used as a single-position desk, sit-to-stand desk, or with the custom ergonomic adjustment used in your favourite position for working. It includes 4 User settings to store preferred settings for different users in your family or office space. This product comes with Smart Technology providing safety features like Anti-Collision and Safety Lock functions to prevent harm from unintentional switches. The smart sensor technology allows a smooth transition between sitting & standing positions without any large movements or awkwardness. The anti-collision function prevents unwanted damage on the desktop while adjusting the height or changing settings, preventing any objects from being crushed by the tabletop.

Flexispot standing desk E8, $519.99 (Original $589.99) Discount $70

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk is a one-of-its-kind device with an oval leg design, bringing an extra aesthetic appeal to your working space. It has a dual-motor lifting system, which ensures stability even when at maximum capacity and the highest setting. With an LED touch screen, it offers you a premium operation experience. The enhanced Safety Feature of Anti-collision and Child Lock Detect and prevent collisions before they happen. Its Cable Management System consists of a Cable Tray that hides the cables below the desk to keep the workstation organized and safe.

Flexispot ergonomics 3d lumbar support office chair OC10, $249.99 (Original $349.99) Discount $100

Your office chair is one of the most important devices in your workspace. Take advantage of our ergonomic automation with our fully adjustable and height-adjustable lumbar support office chair. Ideal for any sitting position, this chair can be customized to your working needs, while 3D lumbar support creates an ergonomic environment that works best for your neck and back. The luxurious Italian-made fleece mesh keeps you comfortable while sitting at your desk; meanwhile, the breathable material protects delicate fabrics from stains. Our premium chenille and K+R fibre construction offers maximum comfort, as well as ultimate breathability that makes work more enjoyable.

Flexispot adjustable bed base S3/S4, $349.99 (Original $599.99) Discount $250

Are you searching for a bed base that provides comfort and supports your back? Our FlexiSpot adjustable bed base S3/S4 is a great choice. It has an ergonomic design and uses high-quality steel and a strong motor to ensure durability, stability and safety. Its Zero gravity mode raises your legs slightly above your heart to keep your spine's natural curve when sleeping comfortably on the mattress. The under-bed light features can help with vision at night. The wireless remote control designed with backlighting ensures ease of use in the dark. The bed base comes with

side supports to hold the mattress firmly in place, with 6 non-slip felt stickers to protect the flooring below it.

Flexispot ergonomic chair pro OC14, $399.99 (Original $629.99) Discount $130

A silver spot for your workdays, the chair pro OC14 is the perfect tool to do your work. It has all the critical features you need to feel comfortable while you sit at your computer and focus on what needs to be done. It has an improved ergonomic buckling system that fits different body weight ranges while providing support to the user's back and shoulders. This makes the OC14 Seat Pro ready for extended use throughout the day, especially when you sit at your desk or workstation for long hours.

Flexispot Odin 4-leg standing desk, $1099.99 (Original $1299.99) Discount $200

Need to get your day started on the right foot? Flexispot is proud to introduce our new Odin model. This new desk is an excellent option for any office or home space because of its wide range of features that make it easy to adjust to any environment, whether work or home. Its base structure uses solid carbon steel, which has reached automotive-material grade for a durable and sturdy experience. The design of the four beams makes the Flexispot Odin's structure more robust and durable and makes the desktop less prone to bending and deformation.

New Year Flash Sales

Flash Sale will begin in just a few days! Get your purchases ready! During this flash sale period, from January 10 2023, to January 12 2023, you get amazing discounted prices.

The earlier you shop, the better your chances for cash back! The more items you purchase, the bigger discount you will receive in your cart. Get them before they run out! Detailed information about the products on flash sale is available below:

Flexispot pro standing desk E7 $479.99 (Original $579.99) Discount $100

The E7 is suitable for anyone looking to get a standing desk at an affordable price. The stable and sturdy E7 will keep your workstation steady even when you multitask or when your monitor gets knocked over by a pet or bumped. With an easy height adjuster that allows you to raise it to the highest level order and lower it to the lowest level, this professional standing desk is ready to hold up any display device while providing ease of movement throughout our workspace.

Flexispot electric height adjustable standing desk dual motor economical option E5, $359.99 (Original $459.99) Discount $100

Upgrade the way you work, play and rest with the E5 Standing Desk. The dual motor lifting system combined with the double cross-beam structure is designed to provide a smoother and more stable experience. It's also built to hold 220 lbs weights so you can load all your essentials on top. It consists of an anti-collision feature stopping the motion when encountering obstacles to prevent from destroying your stuff and a sit-stand reminder reminding you to switch working postures in time.

Flexispot electric height adjustable desk E1, $169.99 (Original $289.99) Discount $120

Featuring a reliable height adjustment system to suit you and your desk, the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk E1 will help you get up from your desk without a fuss. Save $120 off of our retail price. This desktop is designed to beat the sedentary lifestyle and provides a place to work at home or in the office. A single tap of a button will transition you from sitting to standing with ease.

New Year Direct Sales

Flexispot Direct Sales are rolling out special offers on January 10, 2023. Flexispot gives customers specific discounts for items without any obligation or hassle. We have the best offers, so click here to get started right away! Take advantage of this action because our promo is only available until January 12!

Flexispot pro standing desk E7 $499.99 (Original $579.99) Discount $80

Save up to 14% with the quality Flexispot pro standing desk E7. It is stable at every angle, sturdy at the highest height and steady when adjusting the desk.

Flexispot electric height adjustable standing desk dual motor economical option E5, $379.99 (Original $459.99) Discount $80

With this offer, save up to 18% ($80) with this E5 adjustable standing desk. It can easily hold up to 220 lbs. weight.

Flexispot Comhar all-in-one standing desk EW8, $379.99 (Original $499.99) Discount $120

Upgrade your office with this EW8 comhar all-in-one standing desk. Save up to 24% off the retail price.

Flexispot comhar pro standing desk Q8, $729.99 (Original $799.99) Discount $70

The discounted Flexispot comhar pro standing desk Q8 of up to $70 will redefine your office. This standing desk's enhanced structure and dual-motor lifting system ensures stability even when at maximum capacity and the highest setting. Its 3-stage design allows for a wider height adjustment range from 24" to 49", which makes it perfectly compatible with most of your family members. This standing desk also brings an extra cable-free experience while eliminating the trouble of plugging and unplugging the charging cable through wireless charging. Its embedded drawer provides extra storage space for your supplies. Ample desktop space for all your accessories is provided by this standing desk together with embedded USB charging ports.

Flexispot adjustable bed base S3/S4, $349.99 (Original $599.99)

Order this reliable s3/s4 adjustable bed base at a discounted price of $349.99. Save up to $250 and grab this deal.

Flexispot adjustable bed base S5, $469.99 (Original $599.99) Discount $130

If you're looking for a bed base that's supportive and stable, this discounted Flexispot adjustable bed base s5 is a great option. Like its predecessor, the S4, this table features six sturdy legs and six floor-protecting felt stickers. The motor, the bed's beating heart, has been put through rigorous SGS testing, withstanding more than 10,000 modifications at a maximum weight of 750 pounds. Similar in design to the S4, this table features a wireless remote with illumination allowing you to operate it even in the dark.

Flexispot adjustable bed base S1, $149.99 (Original $259.99) Discount $110

The FlexiSpot S1 is an adjustable bed base that keeps you comfortable with a solid base that is compatible with most mattresses. The sturdy base has been tested to withstand 330 lbs and will fit on the slats of the existing bed frame; therefore no need to replace it. Incorporating the anti-slip felt at the bottom of the bed frame increases friction, keeping the frame in place and preventing the bed base from being scratched.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7, $149.99 (Original $209.99) Discount $60

Forget sitting all day on your couch. Build up the desk riser you will use all day and see great results. This desk converter has a sturdy base, an 18" wide keyboard tray, and a mouse pad to keep everything in place. The step-less height adjustment means you can move easily between sitting, standing and working without fear of instability or tipping forward. The AlcoveRiser is perfect for people who want the option to stand while working on the computer in the comfort of their home office or cubicle.

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