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Flexispot Buyer Guide

14 April 2021

Though a popular item today, the standing desk is still trying to understand everything there is to know about it. The Flexispot buyer guide brings you a list of links to a variety of standing desk resources to help you quickly find what you’re looking for concerning standing desks. An essential part of understanding any product is doing research, and since there are several factors to consider when it comes to standing desks, this guide will come in handy.

We are renowned experts in the furniture arena, and with our experience with a standing desk, we can help create you a guide that will help you find the information you need quicker. Through these resources, you’ll be able to understand the a-z of standing desks.

Things you need to know before start:

If you’re in the market for a new desk or already have one and what to understand how it works, you’re in the right place. It is essential that you consider a couple of things before purchasing a standing desk, to name a few, stability, cost, size, standing desk problems, and functions/features. This is how you’ll find the best fit for you. We’ve prepared resources to help you get started by answering some of the most common questions you may have.

How to choose height adjustable desk

How to choose standing desk converter

Height Adjustable desk VS Standing Desk Converter

Learn about our Flexispot products:

We live and breathe furniture; we’ve built ourselves around providing the best possible futuristic and sturdy furniture and functional. Learn about some of our products from the resources below!

Standing desk:

Flexispot Standing desks come in a variety of sizes and have different features to suit every type of user. How do you pick the right desktop for you? Learn the differences of the various types available, the features you can choose from, and the difference in functions and design.

All in one Standing Desk Buyer Guide

Desk Frame:

Single Motor VS Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

Standing Desk Buyer's Guide: Electric vs. Crank


How to choose the ideal Desktop

Know more about our product:

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk: The Truth of Bamboo: Is it sustainable?

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk: Amazes the Market with Enhanced Ergonomics

Standing Desk Pro Series: Why Choose a Dual Motor Frame for a Standing Desk

Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk: Comhar, A Necessity for Your Home

Study Desk: Meet Study Desk at Flexispot

Theodore Standing desk: Old Meets New, Rustic Meets Elegant

Desk riser:

When you need a standing desk converter, where do you start? Here’s a helpful link to help you understand what will suit you best!

FlexiSpot Desk Riser Buyer Guide 2021: which standing desk converter will suit you best?

Desk bike:

Combining fitness and effectiveness is perhaps the main allure of the standing desk. Taking it a notch higher, you can have a desk bike with your standing desk. To help you understand how it works and which best suits you, explore the resources we have for you.

Comparison between Flexispot Fitness Family: Sit2Go VS V9/V9U

Product comparison:

Spoilt for choice? Don’t fret. We have some of the best and popular desks in the industry prepared for you. Take a peek at how they all compare to each other; your decision will come easier after.

IKEA Bekant VS Flexispot EC4

IKEA Bekant VS Flexispot Comhar

Costco Tresanti VS Flexispot Comhar

SHW Desk VS Flexispot EN1

Fully Jarvis VS Flexispot E5

Soutien VS Cosmo

Money-saving option:

Is there a money-saving option when making a standing desk purchase? Find out below!

Using your FSA or HSA to Purchase a Standing Desk


You’ve gotten home with your standing desk; what next? How do you go about installation and maintenance? What do you do when it wobbles? We’ve prepared links to give you more insight into all these questions!

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Desktop

Why Does Standing Desk Wobble?

Know More about Flexispot:

Full disclaimer, we deal in office furniture. We are working to provide the best furniture in the industry and part of that is helping you understand about furniture. We are doing this by providing you with an unbiased viewpoint of both our products and others in the market. If you’re trying to learn about your current desk or looking to purchase one, armed with all the information possible is the best way to go about it. Learn more about us and our products:

FlexiSpot: BIFMA Certified & Trusted

Flexispot: Creating a Healthier Lifestyle for the Average Office Worker